Monday, June 17, 2013

Race Week.

Yesterday was a day for the head.  You know how sometimes what you think is way more important than reality, that was my yesterday.  After a tiny taste of the flu bug flying around Kona, I was on the up swing and wanted to grab hold of a couple final good sessions for race day, for my head. 

Sunday's run held a good portion at goal race pace, I needed to feel it and breathe it in.  I've yet to run a marathon during a race the way they go during training.  Over and over I kept repeating, "You can do this, you got this, legs you know this pace".  Over and over. It felt really good, really comfortable, and then over the ocean a rainbow filled the sky.  That will for sure be a keeper in my head on Sunday.

From run to swim, where I landed a beautiful draft during a local swim race.  It felt way better going from flu to fish.  Now to settle down, way down and keep the positive thoughts strong while the race week tries to play it's tricky mind games with my body.  Trust time...

As of a couple hours ago, all but the bike and wetsuit are packed too!  My goal was to use the small luggage despite the need to bring more than shorts, sun dresses, and bikinis.  Somehow the island girl in me has kept it simple, not much more than what I need to race (and stay warm).  I have heard lovely rumors that the lake is warming up and the trees are absolutely gorgeous this season.  Sounds really nice and I'm very much looking forward to a return to Idaho.

Now to be honest, I promised to lay way low in the final wrap up to the Ironman, and I have.  Yesterday though, after sitting in a lawn chair like a cheer leader who lost her pep during the boys ball game, I got up, ran after a foot ball or two, and never felt so thankful for the boys in my life. This little family together for Summer has truly meant the world to me.  Life with 4 boys has perhaps been part of the best preparation into the Ironman.  For many reasons, other than learning to use dirty toilet seats (similar to those on race day) and eat some gnarly food. 

Of course, Saturday did hold Kainoa's race and who better to teach me how to race than Kainoa...

1.  Be focused on the start line
2.  Stick to your own routine and plan (like no shoes if that's your style)

3.  Stay positive even when you hit rough patches
4.  Breathe in the support & cheers of the crowds 
5.  Celebrate the finish line

6 more sleeps till the big dance, almost ready...


ltlindian said...

Go Bree! You can do this! I'll be stalking you and a few others this weekend and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Focus! You've got this!!

Kiet said...

You are ready, time to execute chica. Am with ya.

Kurt Walker said...

Bree - I'm a long time stalker of your blog but I've never commented - I'm a huge fan!! I did my first Ironman 70.3 this year (St. George) and you were a great motivator for me to get there. I'm not a single mom, but I am a married Dad, and believe it or not some of the challenges are the same...thanks for your constant sunshine. I don't know if you realize but when you blog, you always find the silver lining and you're so positive, it's very inspirational.

I just saw this on the Ironman site previewing the women's race this week and wanted to share:

"Last year’s IRONMAN Louisville champion, Bree Wee (USA), will be starting and should contend for the podium."

Originally from:

Good luck from Utah!! You'll kill it!

Lucy Francis said...

Good luck Bree I can't wait to cheer you online. You should see my huge suitcase, i can't travel light for an ironman. You need to teach me some tricks :-)