Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beets, Papaya, Ironman...

This is a mom on a mission, a tad bit embarrassing going to parent drop off with a swim bag as a purse, but its my life and I am damn proud of it!  Just enough time this morning for a little run and a little swim, off to high school drop off (I always honk, honk, goodbye, I think that's a parental right), and now I am 5 minutes away from heading to the airport!  Dear Canada, I am on the way to ENJOY you and GRAB my Kona points into the World Champs :)

Real quick, since I'm on a mission to my flight, you have to try this, its the best thing I ever made in a blender.  Papayas and beets.  It was my attempt to clean out the fridge before I go, leaving nothing to rot and it AMAZED me, who knew fruits and veggies could love each other so much!  Dare you to try it... add some milk and ice, maybe bananas and blueberry's, just make sure it holds the beets and papayas!

Other great news, Sammy and me met a guy at a fruit stand yesterday that said we can bring our garden stuff to theirs for share or sale!  Our garden is empty, but it has me so motivated to dig it up and plant away as soon as I land home from Canada...

 ...and post cards were finally put in the mail.  My big mahalo to those that helped me make the Philippines trip possible, thank you again and again... check your mail box for snail mail from Philippines via Hawaii...

That is just about it, taking with me the feeling of this great moment, you can never recall a happy moment too many times.  A finish line is just the beginning of the next start line.  AND I am taking my family, today on my swim I was smiling so big just knowing all they have done for me to be on the start line of what holds such a wonderful opportunity... I love you guys!

Next stop, Mont Tremblant!  See you there,


Adrian said...

you will kill it at Tremblant! i have to be on the road for work but can;t wait to read your blog when i touch down! Wish i was there!
Hope you are doing IM Busso again in Dec!!

Lucy Francis said...

I'm sure all the parents know what you do for a living and I bet they wish they could be like you .
So funny reading about you emptying the fridge before going away. In my case all the veg end up in a tortilla which i then eat instead of airline food. Other stuff gets cooked then off to the freezer.
Bree I'll be cheering you online come Sunday. I want you so much to grab those points :-)