Monday, August 26, 2013

The Difference A Week Makes...

It is officially a full week after the racing blues.  My dear friends at Bike Works sent me an email that said, "Bree, it is more about the journey than the attainment of the prize". I know.  I really do.  Of course that never made the sting not feel like you've been stung.  But it helps when you feel like you need a reminder.  Since I took the Vegas 70.3 slot (next week is the race) I have truly been trying to rest and recover.  As in no training sessions or 40 minutes, tops.  Friday I swam a mile and felt good, Saturday I ran a few miles and felt really good, for sure that made me feel "ready again".  Sunday I was going for the full 40 minutes on the bike and you know what, I felt so far from good.  In fact, 2 minutes more and I would have called for a ride home.  Patience.  Just trying to eat good and get sleep when I can.

We spent the past couple days supporting the recruit 42 class.  Kainoa, Sammy, me, and all the girlfriends/wives of the men showed up in our favorite Summer clothes (nice timing to rid the Ironman tan lines), to watch the guys swim, run the beach, and jump out of a helicopter.  It was easy.

As for active recovery, you better believe the island hosts some very good "Frisbee golf" locations!  That was the ultimate "move the blood around but not train" session ever!  Take that back, tandem surfed one wave yesterday and that was even more fun.  We hit up Hakalau and played 10 rounds under the bridge.
 If you have yet to play Frisbee golf after your giant Ironman days, I dare you to try it.  You can run again, but not too fast or too hard, perfect!  And if you are anything like us, you might even have to swim, we had a hole in the water!  Which of course was our favorite!!  Well, I should get to the point of taking a good week of pondering after the Ironman, my best lesson was that you never can stop believing.  Trust me, I single handedly dealt with the questioning of being so foolish as to believe I'd qualify for Kona, and for risking a lot to have a dream job, not my secure teaching job.  It has to be okay to believe in good things for your life, and to want to soak up every drop of excitement that comes with believing.  Kind of feels like life is all back to normal again around here...

A little race next weekend, after that I really do not know where the road will lead.  So, a moment at a time.  And for those of you that want to see what exactly we were watching during the recruit 42 "support crew" mission we had the past few days...see below. 

The guy in the middle was of course stealing my attention, wink wink wink...
Have a good week!

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Lucy Francis said...

Bree so many times during my IM races I repeat to myself "getting the slot is a journey of discovery" when things aren't going well.
I hope Mike passed all the tests, where's the fire though? :-)
I want to play frisbee golf too