Tuesday, October 15, 2013

See ya next year Ironman Hawaii...

Pretty crazy the transformation that little Kona undergoes in just few short weeks surrounding the Ironman.  Secretly I am growing to love it.  Mostly because I'm finding a huge appreciation seeing so many people really, really happy.  I mean, some people dream all their life of visiting Hawaii just once, then they finally make it and walk around so thankful.  It reminds again and again how fortunate I am to call this home.  And it calms me down when traffic is backed up because people are stopping to take pictures, for some it's a once in a lifetime, snap away and enjoy is finally what I'm feeling where once an annoyance lingered.  And I get it, every single time I travel my camera is clicking away to savor memories and my pace is slower so I can soak it all up....

Well, it's quiet again here.  I like that too. Ironman to me sounds like a million hearts all beating in some kind of harmony to create just one sound.  It's pretty in some bizarre way.  On another note, I took a million pictures from the side lines but narrowed them down to 5 favorites....

The underdog.  Of course he holds incredible talent, but the pre-race buzz never went as wild over him as others and yet, he went wild!  It was my absolute favorite to watch.  I screamed on the sidelines and at the computer.  So inspiring and so much fun to watch up close.  2nd place at the World Champs to one heck of an athlete, so cool.

Natascha.  Total legend.  So much respect for the mother & grandmother!  Constant joy when she races and so much passion when she trains.  She swam with our local swim squad in the weeks leading up to the race and became friends with many of us just because of her sincere joy for what she does.
Luke and Pete.  They finished the race.  I am always, always humbled when the massive urge to quit takes over yet you silence it and finish anyways.  It's so humbling to walk that long road home, huge respect from a lot of the crowds on the streets.

 The woman's champ.  I loved every single part of her race day. 

This would not be the Hawaii Ironman without the speedo...

That's pretty much all I have to report on from the sidelines of Ironman.  Life is totally back to normal.  Taught yesterday, spent time getting Kainoa's pins cleaned in his arm, and today I trained my heart out like nobody's business for something 7 weeks away.  It's all good. 

ps... girls nights out may include Kangaroos around Ironman time. 



Christine said...

Oh man that shot of Kainoa's pins made my spine tingle! Ow!

Lucy Francis said...

Yeah I did cringe when I saw that pin as well. Kainoa is so brave! I would have fainted!

If I ever get to go to Hawaii I'll try not to cause a traffic jam but I'll take millions of pictures :-)

I love your action shots of the race, thank you so much for sharing them with us