Friday, October 25, 2013

Wear The Pretty Underwear...

If you're a girl you totally get this, the pretty undies.  You possibly skip right over them for most normal days of the week.  Well, the past week has been all about the pretty undies, my most favorites, the ones that make me feel like a Victoria Secret Angel. You know why?  Because this week has been very demanding, exhausting, physically & emotionally draining, and if there is ever a time to a girl needs to feel like hot sauce it is when the miles matter!  When you have to show up as your best.  When you need to give a little more than you got.  And when you are after something, in this case, giving it all because a start line hangs roughly 5 weeks away... Dear Mexico. 

So much appreciation is lingering as Friday has hit, leaving just 2 more days in this week to tackle.   The streets are dropping fruits like rain, neighbors just giving them away, it's the most perfect aid station a girl can sink her teeth into.  I've also been fortunate to land some company for a couple demanding days, like a ride and the good ol'  Kealakehe High schoolers to swim with.  Even my little sister and me got to run some miles together. longish day on the bike I was fortunate to be stopped on the side of Queen K by the most handsome fire rescue ever seen.  Right there is all the motivation, encouragement, and appreciation some crazy girl preparing for an Ironman needs, that and the pretty undies that is.

Yesterday I finally booked my trip.  It's always a little hard for me to make my flights, for many reasons.  Mostly because majority of the time it means "me go, family stay".  It just never gets easier and perhaps going to places that look a lot like family designations or honeymoon escapes are just not as exciting alone.  Well, I do have my bike.  I try to mentally get myself focusing on this mantra, "It's going to work, business trip, not play".  And so, I punch in the dates, pay (while holding my breath), then breathe out with a thankful heart that I do indeed have a beautiful opportunity awaiting me.  This will be my 3rd time racing the full on Cozumel, it's a favorite.  It also means my 3rd time missing Thanksgiving dinner.  Ugh.  Oh.  Blah.  I'm more than okay with turkey tacos but I'm gonna miss the boys & family & friends dearly.  So I made a coconut blueberry cheesecake to at least feel like I'm getting ready to stuff face with everyone...


As for feeling good, once again it is the ocean coming to my rescue.  Something about the salty sea, the sunshine, the unknown, and the endless possibilities, find me reaching for more and satisfied at the same time.  I've been swimming less ocean than usual, not because the tiger shark near the pier this week or anything, it's just that the pool always makes me work harder.  I do land amongst the waves as recovery though, I have too.  Every time I try to take it off my list in the middle of a big training block I get so grumpy. It has to stay.  That and sunsets.  Free things that set me free, ahh. Things you truly love in life should never be taken off any list if you ask me, and so, a few waves here and there have me smiling. 

One thing that has come off my list though, is the sisters booty (think its actually buti) yoga class.  I just love it, like truly love it.  We dance, we shake it, it feels like Flash Dance from the 80's, the girls cut loose without being at a bar with pervs wanting to buy you a drink because your moves are awesome (or not).  It's so much fun. It hurts though.  That part I think is why I love it, new challenges and using muscles that swimbikerun rarely touch.  Not to mention the pretty undies are perfect for this class.  Well, that pretty much is all I have to report on.  My easy day left me with time to catch up and watch a movie on Netflix at the same time, nice.  Tomorrow and Sunday is all business, happy training you guys!

PS.  One moon lit morning run I arrived to see my tired butt packed two right shoes, I'm taking it as a sign I'm on the right track, 2 left feet could have been worse ;)


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Lucy Francis said...

I have a drawer full of those undies :-)I have to pick them carefully on my run days!

IM Conzumel is on my race bucket list, I hope to be able to do it one day too. I will be cheering you on virtually.
Although I've never travelled for work, I can only imagine what it must be like to travel on your with the bike and luggage as well.
That has just made me realise that I've only spent 3 nights away from my hubby EVER because one of us was in hospital :-(