Friday, December 6, 2013

Easy days...

...and so, a very proper rest, recover, and unwind is in full swing and I am soaking it up.  Today was wonderful, I borrowed a cruiser bike from the sister and went all of 7 miles to buy a pineapple at the market.  It was Wonderful with a capital W.  5 papayas, 5 bananas, and a lime later, I hung out in the parking lot with Masuda and the firemen with no hurry in the world.  And I ...

Watered the garden
Planted more seeds
Picked beans, kale, & tomatoes
Pulled weeds
Made a pile of clothes for Goodwill
Did laundry
Painted a bike
Put on run shoes but did not run
...and started Christmas shopping.

Yesterday was even more crazy!

I swam a little, I mean looked for dolphins and fish
Paddled canoe to the Ironman buoy and around boats
Surfed into sunset
Made dinner and overdosed on fruit cake
Mailed Christmas cards

And the day before that day...

Made a wild blueberry & beet smoothie (real crazy!)
Painted my nails snowflake blue
Taught 8th grade English (yay, making $$)
Decorated Christmas tree with the family
Watched Wolverine and loved it, Netflix family movie night

Realized the boys do not believe in Elf on or off the shelf, gave it to the dog.

I am so happy right now, just want this feeling to last and linger as long as possible.  I know the days will get challenging again as bills fill the mail box, homesickness when Masuda is in Hilo, missing Kainoa when he's at his dads, and just having girly days.  But for now, with the boys happy at holiday time, being home, and being relaxed, I will just sit back and be thankful for the little things, like pineapple picking on a Friday morning...

Have a good weekend!

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