Thursday, January 30, 2014

Protein Cookies.

Um, nope.  There is no recipe for protein cookies on this blog, the cookies are all in my belly and I have no idea how they got there because I was so out of it there is no recollection of reaching for them .  A bonk to a cookie and I'm back in action! You been there after a big day too.  Last night I made them for the high schoolers but ate them today-oops.

Today was my first "longish" brick of the season.  First ride all year with company too, so nice.  As with most all company assisted rides, they get fast.  By the end of it I was a little trashed but my training partner was already in run shoes to join on my run too...

That run as well-too fast.  Oh my gosh I reached for the cookies as soon as it was all over.

Last time I felt like street trash was the finish line of Ironman Mexico.  These days (in my opinion) are really good for us (as long as they don't happen every workout).  In my case, 99.9% of training is solo, so to get this much out of me was a rare, special, very welcomed treat.  And you know what the best part was?  It was not the end.  No.  I had to get to school pick up then high school swim practice.
To drag myself across a pool was a little scary, but it went really well.  This kids have a big meet this weekend and tapered there 5000+ yards to 3600.  Nice.  And being taper, it was fast stuff with lots of rest.  Not that my legs had plenty of juice left in them or anything, they still managed to kick pretty hard and hold on for one more workout of the day.  Now... 19hrs into the week! 

I am so happy.  19hrs!  It has been a very, very long time since I've had that much time to invest in training.  And the good news, there are still 3 more days in the week to get in some more before it's back to the class (see, I am making the most of this week off working)!!

My little yogi sister partner stretched with me after the ride/run.  She's the best, to stretch on my own is such a chore, with her it is a total blast, not to mention she feeds me really good meals after training all day!  Love.  Love.  Love.  Tomorrow is my looooong day of the week, please cross your fingers that the snow and rain and floods and hurricane winds we have had all week do not send me to the bike trainer!  That would absolutely be hell on two wheels for a girl like me...

One last thing, coffee, no I don't drink it.  BUT I have a combination of "other stuff" that when blended together tastes so amazing and holds the pick me up of coffee with nutritionally rich ingredients.  

Frozen bananas, almond milk, cacao nibs, and maca will be one boost you will not regret just in case you are up for a coffee fix without actually having to drink the stuff...

Okay, off to bed for me, big day on the horizon!  Good night from my favorite island in the world.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yesterday I got so lucky, double rainbow over the pool at morning swim practice and a double rainbow after the last workout of the evening...4 in a day!   It has been so fun just triathloning, almost forgot what it's like to have that as the only work in a day (I don't count family stuff or home chores as work).  However, this week has held some of the most rare island weather ever.  Storms, flash floods, snow on 2 of the mountain tops, massive winds, and crazy amounts of rain.  Talk about an unprepared triathlete for those types of conditions...

The flash flooded  ride sent me to the trainer, at least I got to take a break from bike jerseys and sunscreen.  That landed me a blessing in disguise.  When you are on a trainer, books pile under your front wheel, and not going anywhere fast, you notice little things in your fit.  The new bike needed major adjustments, like my seat sunk and bars somehow grew too high, notice in the ridiculous photo!  (If you feel "weird" on your bike, get a picture taken, you notice ALL the mistakes).  It's way better today, seat up and bars dropped and...I can now breathe!

The miles are slowing coming up as the weeks till Ironman as slowly getting fewer.  Yikes.  I'm equally excited as any other emotion.  Mostly just wanting to get the first race of the year under my belt.  Running feels so good, partly because I know it usually ends with fruits and veggies in a blender making something so delicious even my dog wants to drink it!  Partly because my IPOD has good songs to cheer me on.  And partly because the miles lately are a little challenging, making me feel like I actually accomplished something really worthwhile.

Here doggy, blueberry-kale-papaya.

...and another rainbow, just can't get enough.  Thank you very, very much to those that have reached out for t-shirts for the Big Island firemen, they appreciate it so much! 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Training ONLY week.

I have the entire week off work!  Wooohoooo!  This is a luxury, a little gift, a massive opportunity to put my head down and grind.  And so I am.  Today was a successful day of swim, bike, run and strength.  Now I'm really tired, as a "pro triathlete" should be...success.  If only it included a trip to the spa for massages, hot tubs, recovery boots, and getting my nails done-just kidding!  Last week I missed 6 hrs of training that I just could not fit in with work & other life moments, this week I plan to make it all, then back to work Monday. (ps...this is not a complaint, I know 99% of people have to work in the world, I'm just soaking up a week off to train all week long).

Kainoa told me the most lovely thing when I dropped him off at school, "Mom, if all the moms in the world were lined up, I'd pick you".  It was amazing, 'cause last time he said that he said he would pick my little sister (Auntie Brooke).  Kids!  From there, off to train my little heart out...

Guess what?!  Tomorrow my only job is swim, bike, run too!  Just finished packing my bottles and "stuff" to get through the day.  Trust me, the night before packing makes the next day a breeze.  Masters (with a few bonus yards), ride my bike (with a goal to pick up my cadence), run off the bike for an hour without "shuffling" through the Kona heat.  It's going to be awesome.

Yesterday was one of my best ever runs. I have to claim good days as it seems they are harder to come by when life gets busy.  You want me to tell you what I liked so much about it?  It was not fun at the start, I'm talking really slow and sloppy. When time is precious though you find a way real fast to turn it around, get it done, and make it happen.  Secretly, I welcome those hard moments my brain gives me about "how pooped I am".  They happen so often in training that I know "training through them" will make them easier come race day.  The run turned around brilliantly after 60 minutes and stayed positive till I got home to stuff my face and ice bath.

 Just shy of 5 weeks till my goal and 7 weeks till Masuda reaches his goal, graduating the fire recruit training!  It's pretty cool running after goals side-by-side with your family.  He's in the EMT part now and practicing plenty on us when he comes home for the weekends. Between you and me, I love having a fireman within reach, not just because it's so sexy being life savers, I just feel safer in my wild life!  Oh, if you want to support the Big Island recruit class 42, they have to sell shirts for graduation.  Short sleeve are $15, Long Sleeve $20, and hoodies are $30. Black, red, blue, all sizes. Email me, and we can send them to you... for what I plan to wear in the very near future, tomorrow at morning practice to be clear, a surf wetsuit top!  For a couple reasons, it's a little chilly.  But mostly because New Zealand is a wetsuit race and my arms have gotten so tired, so worn out, so exhausted by the end of a 2.4 mile swim in most all wetsuit races I have done in my career.  It's frustrating, but that's life when you live in a gorgeous place with warm ocean water! So tomorrow I plan to show up to practice in this, work out my arms, get them used to it, and build up my ability to move and stretch my arms in neoprene not nakedness like they are used too.  (I plan to break out the full Zoot wetsuit soon).  For now, I already know my booty can float just fine, gotta work on the top half. 

That's it for now, NIGHT!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hang in there...

 So here it goes, full swing back into sport and I took a full blown belly flop. Maybe writing it all down will help me get it all out.  And I'm not really a good secret keeper, not that life is a secret.  Belly flop.  Me, full on, belly flop. 

I thought, that by working I'd rid some financial stress.  It worked.  But that created less training time, making me kind of cluttered trying to juggle hours and the dark.  As any fully committed person (to anything) knows, you have to be "all in" or you create a gamble.  Not a fan of the gamble, except when it's flipping a quarter. Here is the gamble...Ironman New Zealand.  I put it on the map, signed up, saving $$ for a flight, and am training for it.  Gotta start somewhere.  Now I know I was super intelligent taking an actual "rest" at the end of the season, but all those seasons where I sort of "train through" had me feeling kind of good at the start of the new season, not the case this year. 

It's slow. 

But I never give up and I'm hungry and a big believer in the plan.  So I just plow through, committed to swimming with the Kealakehe High Schoolers this week.  Got my rear end handed to me, but today I saw it pay off.  I was "almost" at the splits I left off on last season.  And when the massive storm that came through on my long ride day hit, I hit the trainer.  You know what kept me going?  Kids.  Teaching Thursday I felt so important and appreciated, it got me fired up to take on Friday.  So today was $ in the bank (both dollars and miles if you know what I mean).  Coach and me came up with a few goals, to train for NZ and do a few "fitness tests" on the way.  If I'm hitting marks we go, that is my plan A.  If it looks like more time is needed, a later Ironman will be the case.  That's pretty much it.  Taking some hits but surely loving the journey...

..and that hand stand, my attempt at the wall handstand push ups.  Try them, they make you swim fast.  MAJOR work in progress for me!


My happiness lately (beyond the family and regular joys) have been the sunsets.  I am so crazy about them, it's like my time to sit still and just breathe in the good parts of the day.  If I go too many days without them I'm honestly overwhelmed.  And you know the funny part, when you think the days are just way too busy to make time for them, but you go anyways and all of a sudden have a little boost of energy to make it through the night.

As with most all trigeeks, simply must share the 2014 race out fit too!  Very excited for some brightness.  And I'll have my first ever official shirt, sporting my supporters!

No long overdue blog is complete without sharing food, so here is a waffle.  This was the day the high schoolers nearly drowned me.  Bacon, over easy eggs, and kale.  If you have yet to invest in your own Target waffle maker, do it.  You can pretty much cook anything in there, even potatoes!

Ever heard the statement:  "Girls tear each other down, but women build each other up".  Well, I have been super blessed to meet some incredible women, thanks to my very irregular attendance at Crossfit Kona. I'm the girl that can run miles and miles yet not do a pull up (take that back, I can do 2 now).  Even though they are not triathlon girls, they are so encouraging, motivating, and supportive.  I leave feeling like any start line is possible for me.  I just love the days that I can fit time in with them...  Still doing that too.  The sister calls mine "stretching".  But LOOK, I nearly nailed the "mermaid pose".  Sure hope this really is teaching me to breathe better. (I'll let you know after the first race if it paid off).

You know my biggest goal in all of this, enjoying Kainoa growing up.  I seriously looked over at him the other day and could not stop smiling, he is unreal. (I know, all moms think that).  But he makes my life better.  In fact, I almost called his dad last week when he was over there to come read him a bed time story, tuck him in, then go back home.  He keeps me on track, sets me straight, and scored a good report card this week! 

 Oh, here is the during & after trainer moments.  Hell on two wheels my friends, hell on two wheels. 

..and this, these little things, make me happy everyday on the island (above).

Sorry I've been a blog slacker, 25 hrs in a day and I'd be better at it! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Training Plans...

Since today was so beautiful, it's worth sharing...

The day began with a little 10 minute drive to my favorite hill.  Since I had the day off (been teaching a lot), I figure a run "adventure" was a treat I deserve. I've been trying to pay more attention to the things that make me really happy and have more of them in my life, it makes me better, so I deserved this beautiful hill. Back to the run, so I had hill repeats for breakfast.

Run Workout:
Warm up 30 easy minutes, cruise and get loose on the way to the hill. 7x4 minutes up.  Get up, the HR up, the legs up, but don't cook yourself.  Be strong. Take it easy on the way down.  Cool down till your legs aren't shaking any more.

Bike: Easy, recovery spin 1:15. 

Swim Workout:
I had the pleasure of swimming with the Kona Aquatics high schoolers, ouch.  That picture of Kainoa is an exact replica of how I felt all workout long.  It was a 5k of mostly stroke work, make your own splits according to your swim paces.

Warm up:
  •  200 free 200 IM drill/kick
  • 4x (300 as 75free/25 fly, 200 every other 25 free/fly, 100 fly for time) Repeat as back, then breast, then free.  
  • 100 kick fast, any stroke but free
  • 600 yards of something IM, I'm not kidding my brain is farting, forgot this part
  • 6x125 as 25 fly/25free/25back/25free/25breast
  • 10x75 as drill/kick/swim (stroke)
  • Cool down

Eat homemade popsicles.  Long island days deserve a treat!

Happy Training!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Obviously I love to eat, the kitchen is my favorite room in the house to be honest.  Kitchen time is art, it's therapy, it's social, it's really exciting.  This weekend was the usual life, love, and sport.  The only real new news is kitchen moments, so I'll share...

Okay, life gets busy, I understand, so the best recipes around our house are cleaning out the left overs & making something new from them.  We took last nights quinoa and mixed it with beets, spices, tomatoes, and onions.  Toss them up with some olive oil and stuff them into an omelet with kale.  Simple.  That's it, try it...

The juice combos were:
Beets, lemon, apple. And kale, apple, celery, ginger, lemon, starfruit.  Both 2 thumbs up.

The final recipe is raw food balls (we always have them on hand).

Green pumpkin seeds, coconut shreds, almond butter, coconut oil, a pinch of spirulina powder, and maple syrup to taste.  Mix in the food processor, as much or little of each ingredient till you can roll a ball and like the taste.  Super simple, takes all of 3 minutes...

That's it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lucky 7.

Today, in the middle of my ride I realized this year is my 7th year racing as a professional triathlete.  Part of me still pinches myself that such a wonderful dream came true for me. The other part of me screams, "Hold on, you never know how long this journey will last".  In 2008 the pro card became reality, my divorce too.  What a bitter sweet, rough ride, that year was.  I just held on.  It seems every year since then I have begun the season wondering if it's time to go back full time to the classroom.  I wish I didn't have to wonder that, I wonder what it would be like to just trust that the year will work out racing.  I wonder if that questions always pops up because I lack faith in myself, or lack faith in finances?

This year, once again, I asked the question, "Back to the class??".  But I got my pro card today, so here we go again.  A few changes have been set in motion, because sometimes we have to change if we want different, better results.  SO I start all the workouts "Thankful".  No complaints, no excuses.  Just happy to be out doing my thing, not looking out the window into a dream I once knew.

I've also been really, really dedicated to taking good care of me mentally and physically.  Spending time with people I love and am inspired by helps that. I've also been very diligent with my flexibility and strength training...

Here we go for stretchy, flexy, yoga with the sister.  I am loving yoga this year, unlike all the years before when it was such a chore and hassle for me.  Now it's hilarious, challenging, and I am mentally learning to breathe through life a little better thanks to this new found passion...

Yes, the little sister and me tried to tackle a tandem move and had more wipe outs than success.

As for strength, I am so in love with Crossfit Kona lately!  It is a total blast for me.  It's like competition against yourself despite a room full of athletes. It's very new, completely humbling, and probably the most fun I've had outside of triathlon in a long time.  In honor of my 7th year as a pro I did 7 back squats at 130lbs.  If I wasn't so worried about looking like a buff girl I think I'd try for more, I have to remind myself that this is "just strength for my sport", not maxing out any massive weights.  

As for fuel, since what you take in is a pretty direct reflection of what you get out of yourself, I've been trying to go even more green.  Eating has never been a problem for me, its a favorite hobby.  I'm just trying to do a better job of staying away from spam musubi.  And the balancing act of how will this season all work out for me?  I lack an answer for you.  I just know I am trying, again.  And I believe it will be a good year.  Next week I'll work 24 hours and train about 20, that seems like a "regular" work week of 44 hours for most people, I can do that too...

And, my favorite 7 year old will be waiting for more finisher medals all year too, that sounds like some pretty good motivation to me.  Have a great night,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Here We Go...

Swim, Bike, Run has taken up a majority of my head, heart, and focus once again.  Having a very wonderful break from it all has me welcoming back he job I love so very much.  Motivation is good, fitness is low and it hurts most days, goals are plenty, hard work is happening, and a race has been "put on the map".  It's not entirely set yet so hold on till it's for real, it at least feels real and has become the driving force of my training intentions...

We took one more "mini" vacation Sunday to Mauna Kea.  I'm a girl who asks for very little as life has given me so much.  I did however ask for "a trip to snow" for Christmas, that's all I wanted from Mike, I thought it was simple until we realized this is Hawaii and there is no guarantee for snow.  No snow on Christmas, I was sad, it felt like the girl who begged Santa for a Barbie and got a ball instead.  Anyways, we got snow on Sunday so up the volcano we went!  I was so happy, literally running with my dog as Mike gave me such a great gift!  

Do you love my snow shoes?  Zoot makes the best shoes for snow if you ask me :)  It was so cold and Mike was so sick, literally a mess up at elevation and freezing so we left pretty quick and went right to the beach, the salt, the sea, the sun...sunset.  Pretty cool going from snow to sand in a day...

Tomorrow Kainoa goes back to school, it has been a great holiday having him home so much. It's also a reminder that training will get more serious as I'll have more time with him in class all day.  Of course I took a few teaching side jobs, we will be seeing plenty of each other...

My favorite run loop was enjoyed another couple times while training is getting going again.  If I could run here everyday I would, but I know the road, track, treadmill, and some bricks will call me elsewhere.  As for the strength training, a single pull up is still all I can manage and it's darn frustrating to me!  As promised to myself, yoga, I mean "stretching" is still happening more than before for me.  The sister gave me a great "all in one" pose to stretch the quads, stretch the back, open the lungs, and work on shoulder strength (since you spend a lot of time in the bars).  I have to use the couch or wall to hold my legs up, she doesn't...

My dog thinks I am making a bridge for him...

As for food (cause I know trigeeks love food). Our fruits are so weird lately.  We got a papaya with no seeds in it one morning and peeled a banana that had two bananas in it the next!  It's kid of hilarious to me, never know what to expect around here.

Kale blueberry smoothies are the #1 hit in my life right now, in case you are wondering...

...and our sunsets still take my breath away.  That's it.  Got to get Kainoa to his swim practice.  Have a great Tuesday night!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

There it is, the very last sunset of 2013, from Mauna Kea it was a good one.  A few of us bundled up for the trip to the top of the sleepy volcano, froze a little, laughed a lot.  We got a theme for the New Year too, "Change your perspective".  We wanted to see the sunset on Mauna Kea, covered in snow.  But the snow melted and the clouds were too low, no sunset.  Then we looked to the South and there it was, over Mauna Loa, beautiful.  Almost all of my 2013 was summed up in changing the view, clouds to a sunset just by changing the perspective.  And so, 2014 I'm gonna try harder to just look at the clouds of life with a different perspective... 

We got a rainbow up there too.  It's pretty rare to get a rainbow at 14,000ft above sea level over a volcano, but the last day of the year gave up a little one, however dim it may have been, it was there.  I took it as a sign that all the lessons learned were well earned.  

Freezing.  Happy New Year!  It was perhaps one of the most mellow New Years endured.  A tiny glass of red wine, neighbors fireworks, a trip to the market for coconut shrimps & tacitos, and no looking back. That was one heck of a year and one of my favorite New Year's Eves ever, 'nuff said...

Finally got back in the pool too.  It was unbelievably challenging to chase the high school team around lap after lap.  Welcomed the good kick in the butt though.  It was 5,500 leaving me nearly wiped out and cashed in.  So much for building back up my fitness, who am I kidding, I liked it.  We even managed to score leftovers from a friend watching on the bleachers...Thank you, 'cause I may not have been able to climb out of the pool without the mini-meal.  For those new mommy readers and challenged to get back in shape readers of mine, this was a great lesson, never give up.  Each lap or step counts as a step in the right direction and have no fear of how far out of shape you feel when you start going again, I promise you will get where you want to go...just start.

I juiced bok choy.
It was a gamble, I loved it.

Our little garden may need a 2014 make-over, but it still holds some green stuff.  With very little thought, I just put what we had (kale, bok choy, and oranges) into the juicer and crossed my fingers.  It turned out to be one of the best meshings of garden leftovers ever tasted...who knew bok choy tasted so good without shoyu! And good news, it is full of vitamin K, the bone booster!

As for that new strength training I'm up to, my butt is so sore today.  When you never do squats it hurts to wake up the next day.  I am seriously hooked on having the support and inspiration of my new found Kona Crossfitters.  But damn my booty!  This morning also held "Bike ride #1" of the new year.  It was beautiful, felt like tail wind out and back, minimal traffic, a sunrise, and it shook out my booty soreness.  I'll welcome days like that on the bike anytime!  

For my friends in the snow, here was New Year's morning on an island...
Sand, no snow.  Surf, no ice.  OJ in blue jars, no hot cocoa in mugs....

Finally, my Ceepo Katana, size Small is up for sale.  It was loved very much and taken good care of. Bike frame used at Ironman Cozumel and an Olympic distance race only, all SRAM red parts, used all 2013 season.  Wheels not included.  If you think you want it, email me. 

Okay, time to prepare for a little run, it is time to get back in action!