Friday, January 24, 2014

Hang in there...

 So here it goes, full swing back into sport and I took a full blown belly flop. Maybe writing it all down will help me get it all out.  And I'm not really a good secret keeper, not that life is a secret.  Belly flop.  Me, full on, belly flop. 

I thought, that by working I'd rid some financial stress.  It worked.  But that created less training time, making me kind of cluttered trying to juggle hours and the dark.  As any fully committed person (to anything) knows, you have to be "all in" or you create a gamble.  Not a fan of the gamble, except when it's flipping a quarter. Here is the gamble...Ironman New Zealand.  I put it on the map, signed up, saving $$ for a flight, and am training for it.  Gotta start somewhere.  Now I know I was super intelligent taking an actual "rest" at the end of the season, but all those seasons where I sort of "train through" had me feeling kind of good at the start of the new season, not the case this year. 

It's slow. 

But I never give up and I'm hungry and a big believer in the plan.  So I just plow through, committed to swimming with the Kealakehe High Schoolers this week.  Got my rear end handed to me, but today I saw it pay off.  I was "almost" at the splits I left off on last season.  And when the massive storm that came through on my long ride day hit, I hit the trainer.  You know what kept me going?  Kids.  Teaching Thursday I felt so important and appreciated, it got me fired up to take on Friday.  So today was $ in the bank (both dollars and miles if you know what I mean).  Coach and me came up with a few goals, to train for NZ and do a few "fitness tests" on the way.  If I'm hitting marks we go, that is my plan A.  If it looks like more time is needed, a later Ironman will be the case.  That's pretty much it.  Taking some hits but surely loving the journey...

..and that hand stand, my attempt at the wall handstand push ups.  Try them, they make you swim fast.  MAJOR work in progress for me!


My happiness lately (beyond the family and regular joys) have been the sunsets.  I am so crazy about them, it's like my time to sit still and just breathe in the good parts of the day.  If I go too many days without them I'm honestly overwhelmed.  And you know the funny part, when you think the days are just way too busy to make time for them, but you go anyways and all of a sudden have a little boost of energy to make it through the night.

As with most all trigeeks, simply must share the 2014 race out fit too!  Very excited for some brightness.  And I'll have my first ever official shirt, sporting my supporters!

No long overdue blog is complete without sharing food, so here is a waffle.  This was the day the high schoolers nearly drowned me.  Bacon, over easy eggs, and kale.  If you have yet to invest in your own Target waffle maker, do it.  You can pretty much cook anything in there, even potatoes!

Ever heard the statement:  "Girls tear each other down, but women build each other up".  Well, I have been super blessed to meet some incredible women, thanks to my very irregular attendance at Crossfit Kona. I'm the girl that can run miles and miles yet not do a pull up (take that back, I can do 2 now).  Even though they are not triathlon girls, they are so encouraging, motivating, and supportive.  I leave feeling like any start line is possible for me.  I just love the days that I can fit time in with them...  Still doing that too.  The sister calls mine "stretching".  But LOOK, I nearly nailed the "mermaid pose".  Sure hope this really is teaching me to breathe better. (I'll let you know after the first race if it paid off).

You know my biggest goal in all of this, enjoying Kainoa growing up.  I seriously looked over at him the other day and could not stop smiling, he is unreal. (I know, all moms think that).  But he makes my life better.  In fact, I almost called his dad last week when he was over there to come read him a bed time story, tuck him in, then go back home.  He keeps me on track, sets me straight, and scored a good report card this week! 

 Oh, here is the during & after trainer moments.  Hell on two wheels my friends, hell on two wheels. 

..and this, these little things, make me happy everyday on the island (above).

Sorry I've been a blog slacker, 25 hrs in a day and I'd be better at it! Have a good weekend!


Christi said...

I love all your blog posts. Have a great year!

jane ;) said...

yay you're coming to my home :) hopefully you'll visit the south island- road biking is so much better here :) Go hard Bree!!

Axel Kussmann said...

I was working on handstands toward the end of 2013, but I kind of gave up on them... but if a Triathlon Pro says they're good for my swim, maybe it's time to get back upside-down!

Lucy Francis said...

Bree please contact the chaps at imtalk podcast so that they can interview you for their radio show! one of them is also racing IM NZ. They're always looking to interview IRONMAN PROS. their website is:
they get you to give a plug to your sponsors during the show as well :-)

Dawn said...

Love that you're doing yoga. I'm addicted to Pilates, has helped my running form & made me stronger. Excited for your next IM, looking strong!