Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

There it is, the very last sunset of 2013, from Mauna Kea it was a good one.  A few of us bundled up for the trip to the top of the sleepy volcano, froze a little, laughed a lot.  We got a theme for the New Year too, "Change your perspective".  We wanted to see the sunset on Mauna Kea, covered in snow.  But the snow melted and the clouds were too low, no sunset.  Then we looked to the South and there it was, over Mauna Loa, beautiful.  Almost all of my 2013 was summed up in changing the view, clouds to a sunset just by changing the perspective.  And so, 2014 I'm gonna try harder to just look at the clouds of life with a different perspective... 

We got a rainbow up there too.  It's pretty rare to get a rainbow at 14,000ft above sea level over a volcano, but the last day of the year gave up a little one, however dim it may have been, it was there.  I took it as a sign that all the lessons learned were well earned.  

Freezing.  Happy New Year!  It was perhaps one of the most mellow New Years endured.  A tiny glass of red wine, neighbors fireworks, a trip to the market for coconut shrimps & tacitos, and no looking back. That was one heck of a year and one of my favorite New Year's Eves ever, 'nuff said...

Finally got back in the pool too.  It was unbelievably challenging to chase the high school team around lap after lap.  Welcomed the good kick in the butt though.  It was 5,500 leaving me nearly wiped out and cashed in.  So much for building back up my fitness, who am I kidding, I liked it.  We even managed to score leftovers from a friend watching on the bleachers...Thank you, 'cause I may not have been able to climb out of the pool without the mini-meal.  For those new mommy readers and challenged to get back in shape readers of mine, this was a great lesson, never give up.  Each lap or step counts as a step in the right direction and have no fear of how far out of shape you feel when you start going again, I promise you will get where you want to go...just start.

I juiced bok choy.
It was a gamble, I loved it.

Our little garden may need a 2014 make-over, but it still holds some green stuff.  With very little thought, I just put what we had (kale, bok choy, and oranges) into the juicer and crossed my fingers.  It turned out to be one of the best meshings of garden leftovers ever tasted...who knew bok choy tasted so good without shoyu! And good news, it is full of vitamin K, the bone booster!

As for that new strength training I'm up to, my butt is so sore today.  When you never do squats it hurts to wake up the next day.  I am seriously hooked on having the support and inspiration of my new found Kona Crossfitters.  But damn my booty!  This morning also held "Bike ride #1" of the new year.  It was beautiful, felt like tail wind out and back, minimal traffic, a sunrise, and it shook out my booty soreness.  I'll welcome days like that on the bike anytime!  

For my friends in the snow, here was New Year's morning on an island...
Sand, no snow.  Surf, no ice.  OJ in blue jars, no hot cocoa in mugs....

Finally, my Ceepo Katana, size Small is up for sale.  It was loved very much and taken good care of. Bike frame used at Ironman Cozumel and an Olympic distance race only, all SRAM red parts, used all 2013 season.  Wheels not included.  If you think you want it, email me. 

Okay, time to prepare for a little run, it is time to get back in action!


Lucy Francis said...

Bree I started my sporting life as a bodybilder and used to squat 220 pounds. leg day used to be a killer :-) these days I don't go near the weights but this kind of gym work will always be next to my heart. I miss all the grunting and puffing with the guys these days in the gym. cross fit sounds like a blast. manua kea sounds lovely, did you stargaze?
Do you fancy coming to Ironman Lanzarote in May? It's lava fields and wind like Hawaii :-(

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