Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lucky 7.

Today, in the middle of my ride I realized this year is my 7th year racing as a professional triathlete.  Part of me still pinches myself that such a wonderful dream came true for me. The other part of me screams, "Hold on, you never know how long this journey will last".  In 2008 the pro card became reality, my divorce too.  What a bitter sweet, rough ride, that year was.  I just held on.  It seems every year since then I have begun the season wondering if it's time to go back full time to the classroom.  I wish I didn't have to wonder that, I wonder what it would be like to just trust that the year will work out racing.  I wonder if that questions always pops up because I lack faith in myself, or lack faith in finances?

This year, once again, I asked the question, "Back to the class??".  But I got my pro card today, so here we go again.  A few changes have been set in motion, because sometimes we have to change if we want different, better results.  SO I start all the workouts "Thankful".  No complaints, no excuses.  Just happy to be out doing my thing, not looking out the window into a dream I once knew.

I've also been really, really dedicated to taking good care of me mentally and physically.  Spending time with people I love and am inspired by helps that. I've also been very diligent with my flexibility and strength training...

Here we go for stretchy, flexy, yoga with the sister.  I am loving yoga this year, unlike all the years before when it was such a chore and hassle for me.  Now it's hilarious, challenging, and I am mentally learning to breathe through life a little better thanks to this new found passion...

Yes, the little sister and me tried to tackle a tandem move and had more wipe outs than success.

As for strength, I am so in love with Crossfit Kona lately!  It is a total blast for me.  It's like competition against yourself despite a room full of athletes. It's very new, completely humbling, and probably the most fun I've had outside of triathlon in a long time.  In honor of my 7th year as a pro I did 7 back squats at 130lbs.  If I wasn't so worried about looking like a buff girl I think I'd try for more, I have to remind myself that this is "just strength for my sport", not maxing out any massive weights.  

As for fuel, since what you take in is a pretty direct reflection of what you get out of yourself, I've been trying to go even more green.  Eating has never been a problem for me, its a favorite hobby.  I'm just trying to do a better job of staying away from spam musubi.  And the balancing act of how will this season all work out for me?  I lack an answer for you.  I just know I am trying, again.  And I believe it will be a good year.  Next week I'll work 24 hours and train about 20, that seems like a "regular" work week of 44 hours for most people, I can do that too...

And, my favorite 7 year old will be waiting for more finisher medals all year too, that sounds like some pretty good motivation to me.  Have a great night,


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JC said...

Love this. 2014 will be a fantastic year. Just an should always stay away from anything spam. Lol! Happy New Year Chica to you and the fam. Xoxox