Thursday, January 30, 2014

Protein Cookies.

Um, nope.  There is no recipe for protein cookies on this blog, the cookies are all in my belly and I have no idea how they got there because I was so out of it there is no recollection of reaching for them .  A bonk to a cookie and I'm back in action! You been there after a big day too.  Last night I made them for the high schoolers but ate them today-oops.

Today was my first "longish" brick of the season.  First ride all year with company too, so nice.  As with most all company assisted rides, they get fast.  By the end of it I was a little trashed but my training partner was already in run shoes to join on my run too...

That run as well-too fast.  Oh my gosh I reached for the cookies as soon as it was all over.

Last time I felt like street trash was the finish line of Ironman Mexico.  These days (in my opinion) are really good for us (as long as they don't happen every workout).  In my case, 99.9% of training is solo, so to get this much out of me was a rare, special, very welcomed treat.  And you know what the best part was?  It was not the end.  No.  I had to get to school pick up then high school swim practice.
To drag myself across a pool was a little scary, but it went really well.  This kids have a big meet this weekend and tapered there 5000+ yards to 3600.  Nice.  And being taper, it was fast stuff with lots of rest.  Not that my legs had plenty of juice left in them or anything, they still managed to kick pretty hard and hold on for one more workout of the day.  Now... 19hrs into the week! 

I am so happy.  19hrs!  It has been a very, very long time since I've had that much time to invest in training.  And the good news, there are still 3 more days in the week to get in some more before it's back to the class (see, I am making the most of this week off working)!!

My little yogi sister partner stretched with me after the ride/run.  She's the best, to stretch on my own is such a chore, with her it is a total blast, not to mention she feeds me really good meals after training all day!  Love.  Love.  Love.  Tomorrow is my looooong day of the week, please cross your fingers that the snow and rain and floods and hurricane winds we have had all week do not send me to the bike trainer!  That would absolutely be hell on two wheels for a girl like me...

One last thing, coffee, no I don't drink it.  BUT I have a combination of "other stuff" that when blended together tastes so amazing and holds the pick me up of coffee with nutritionally rich ingredients.  

Frozen bananas, almond milk, cacao nibs, and maca will be one boost you will not regret just in case you are up for a coffee fix without actually having to drink the stuff...

Okay, off to bed for me, big day on the horizon!  Good night from my favorite island in the world.


Dawn said...

Great job! I don't dink coffee either, looks yummy, will try it.

Kathy said...

wow maca! i use it for menopause symptoms and drink a couple pots of coffee a day. what do you use maca for? i put mine on oatmeal.

Lucy Francis said...

Your post made me laugh - Protein cookies...yum I thought...then I started reading it...sorry I've eaten them all :-)
I use cocoa nibs for my energy balls and recently I've discovered cocoa beans. I don't know what they did to them (roast? dry?) but they can be eaten like nuts and are full of Zinc and other minerals