Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yesterday I got so lucky, double rainbow over the pool at morning swim practice and a double rainbow after the last workout of the evening...4 in a day!   It has been so fun just triathloning, almost forgot what it's like to have that as the only work in a day (I don't count family stuff or home chores as work).  However, this week has held some of the most rare island weather ever.  Storms, flash floods, snow on 2 of the mountain tops, massive winds, and crazy amounts of rain.  Talk about an unprepared triathlete for those types of conditions...

The flash flooded  ride sent me to the trainer, at least I got to take a break from bike jerseys and sunscreen.  That landed me a blessing in disguise.  When you are on a trainer, books pile under your front wheel, and not going anywhere fast, you notice little things in your fit.  The new bike needed major adjustments, like my seat sunk and bars somehow grew too high, notice in the ridiculous photo!  (If you feel "weird" on your bike, get a picture taken, you notice ALL the mistakes).  It's way better today, seat up and bars dropped and...I can now breathe!

The miles are slowing coming up as the weeks till Ironman as slowly getting fewer.  Yikes.  I'm equally excited as any other emotion.  Mostly just wanting to get the first race of the year under my belt.  Running feels so good, partly because I know it usually ends with fruits and veggies in a blender making something so delicious even my dog wants to drink it!  Partly because my IPOD has good songs to cheer me on.  And partly because the miles lately are a little challenging, making me feel like I actually accomplished something really worthwhile.

Here doggy, blueberry-kale-papaya.

...and another rainbow, just can't get enough.  Thank you very, very much to those that have reached out for t-shirts for the Big Island firemen, they appreciate it so much! 



Maggs said...

I miss double rainbows....I guess I miss rainbows because they are very rare here.

Dawn said...

Hi Bree! So beautiful.
I heard there was a bombing at a high school on the big island, but no injuries? Prayers that all are safe!
Happy training, keep inspiring!

Lucy Francis said...

I haven't seen a rainbow for ages but we do get a lot of red sky :-)

So true with the tbike fitting, I use an old bike on the turbo and even though I've adjusted it, it still doesn't feel like my current training/racing bikes that i take on the road.