Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Training Plans...

Since today was so beautiful, it's worth sharing...

The day began with a little 10 minute drive to my favorite hill.  Since I had the day off (been teaching a lot), I figure a run "adventure" was a treat I deserve. I've been trying to pay more attention to the things that make me really happy and have more of them in my life, it makes me better, so I deserved this beautiful hill. Back to the run, so I had hill repeats for breakfast.

Run Workout:
Warm up 30 easy minutes, cruise and get loose on the way to the hill. 7x4 minutes up.  Get up, the HR up, the legs up, but don't cook yourself.  Be strong. Take it easy on the way down.  Cool down till your legs aren't shaking any more.

Bike: Easy, recovery spin 1:15. 

Swim Workout:
I had the pleasure of swimming with the Kona Aquatics high schoolers, ouch.  That picture of Kainoa is an exact replica of how I felt all workout long.  It was a 5k of mostly stroke work, make your own splits according to your swim paces.

Warm up:
  •  200 free 200 IM drill/kick
  • 4x (300 as 75free/25 fly, 200 every other 25 free/fly, 100 fly for time) Repeat as back, then breast, then free.  
  • 100 kick fast, any stroke but free
  • 600 yards of something IM, I'm not kidding my brain is farting, forgot this part
  • 6x125 as 25 fly/25free/25back/25free/25breast
  • 10x75 as drill/kick/swim (stroke)
  • Cool down

Eat homemade popsicles.  Long island days deserve a treat!

Happy Training!

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Lucy Francis said...

with a training ground like that it's a pleasure to draw a training plan :-)
My training was "fun" today as our main cycling route was flooded in a lot of places. a few adjustments a some riding through HUGE puddles. I wish i had brought my wetsuit and googles :-)
Felt for the people with flooded houses trying to pump the water out:-(