Thursday, February 20, 2014

AudioFlood My Swim...

Something pretty cool came in the mail yesterday, took it for a test drive today.  The iPod AudioFlood landed in Hawaii with a note to "try it out and give feedback".  Pretty simple, took it to the 1.2 mile buoy, is what I think:

First reaction:
  • So little, so cute, it's blue (they have plenty of colors)
  • Easy to use and easy to down load music
  • Will it shock my ears when I get it wet?
  • Not sure how I feel about electronics in the ocean, too much too appreciate
After 1,000 yards:
  • Wow, it sounds as sharp as above water
  • My ears were not electrocuted or shocked in any way
  •  The cord stays out of my way and stroke
  • The ear piece (comes with a couple sizes) stays put under swim cap
  • My jams were motivating me

Then the dolphins came:
  • I could not hear their songs, I prefer their songs to my jams
  • I was missing the peace and quiet of my head underwater
  • Maybe it belongs in the pool
Training Benefits:
  •  It reminded me of the tempo trainer, a fast song comes on and gets your turn over moving, a slow slow song had me reaching and pulling for more water
  • You can use it for days that lack motivation (jams usually help)
  • A training game:  One song fast, one song easy, repeat...
  • The pool, nuff said....
  • It can handle sweaty runs and rides too
  • Great for rain and snow training
Will I use it:
  • Yes, pool swims, runs & rides with rain and sweat.
  • Bet it would be great for long solo paddle sessions
  • Next time I have to wash my car, it will be on!
  • Price, it was a gift, but you can get details here:  AudioFlood
  • 2 Thumbs up for ease of use and staying put

Mahalos AudioFlood for letting me test it out in the Pacific Ocean, it was truly a new experience.  It totally stood up to the challenge of Hawaiian waters, just no competition for the dolphins, but not much is...


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This has truly been a unique build up for an Ironman, perhaps the only one even close to it would be the first Ironman, Hawaii 2007.  Family and work, then train.  My fingers are crossed that perhaps it has in some pretty way tossed out my junk miles and left me with just quality miles.  But I love junk miles. It has really made me thankful for time in run shoes, sports bras, and swim suits all over again.  Yesterday I was teaching Special Ed.  Today I was swimming in the ocean, riding outside on the most perfect sunny day, then running with such a happy heart.  It made me see my opportunity to start on a professional start line as more of a privilege than ever before.  And there is a part of me that has grown to really see that I belong part time in the class, because that is a special place that never feels "about me".  

This time next week I'll be in Taupo.  NZ is a place that has always, always been on my "wish list" of places to see.  It literally has been filling my belly with excitement to be there.  Maybe because it has taken so much work to pay for a flight to land there, maybe because I have given up many miles to make room for more important things than a dream.  And probably because I have had people help me in ways that I may never be able to repay them.  But now, being in taper mode, my mind has shifted to, "this is my job" and I'm trying to nail down the important details and get my head ready to just go be my best on a day I have worked so hard for and given so much to.

...and you know what else I learned today, there are people all over the world that would love a single moment and make wishes on stars every night, to have an experience like the one I'll be experiencing next week.  You better believe that got me holding tight to all I have worked for to make the most of it...

Okay, been a long time since posting, so let me catch up for those that take interest in this triathlon journey I'm on.  Valentine's Day, I'll begin there since it was perhaps the best one I've had in many, many years.  It was way more fancy than either of us are used to and of course at the end I realized in some small ways love is all around, like making my green tea.

Long rides are all in the bank.

I wore my boyfriend on my swim suit on the most difficult swim of my life.  A solo pool swim.  For a girl that is all about the ocean or masters with a crew of talkers, it took all my courage to complete every single lap, but I did.

Better swim days.

I've been drinking beets like nobody's business.  It is so insane hot training in Hawaii that it literally takes extra recovery time than living in cooler climates so I do the beets, they pump the good stuff though the blood and flush the junk that holds us back from being stronger the next day...

This was my best day training in the lead up to Ironman New Zealand.  I will have this day with me on March 1st for sure. A long ride, jumped off the bike and saw Mike and Sammy waiting with coconut water on their way to the surf, then ran my ass off.  They were the perfect minute of support to get through the run.  Got home to breakfast (lunch by the time I finished) waiting for me!  I could not stop smiling.  There is a part of me that has been read way too many Cinderella books growing up and thinks fairy tales work different, this day showed me (again) that sometimes love is wrapped up in spinach, coconut water, and green tea. 

Got to spend more time than ever with Kainoa in this build up for NZ. Teaching at his school lets me see him plenty, then trying to be a better mom and do things he enjoys has really helped me chill out, it is maybe the only moments I have to slow down and smell plumerias...

The holiday weekend had a night of camping, a morning of 3 girls on a single board surfing, and a tiny run in with the reef during a little ocean swim.  It was a much needed quiet time to not think about triathlon before triathlon consumes me (like it is now with taper in progress), just family and friends and sunsets...

This was (it's all gone now and too much $$ to buy again for a while) the fuel that I believe worked best this build up for NZ.  Everyone has what works, their go-to fix, this was mine hands down! I'm not vegan or paleo or anything thing fancy, I just eat food that make me feel like I can keep up with life, this was one of them...

This was the run that did me in the most of all my runs, I am so thankful to have found a coach that can challenge me, believe in me, and some how find a way to work together my determination to live life, love, and sport to the fullest.  It was 16 miles to hell and back.  Every thing hurt after this moment, I saw stars, but it was also the kind of run that has you seeing confidence...

...and this was this morning.  On the way to the ocean, my day off, not from training but teaching, I took time to enjoy the little things.  Okay, time to get Kainoa to his swim practice. It has been so nice sitting on my bumper doing nothing but writing for a few minutes!  Have a good day,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roll on.

Pretty much the island looks like this (see above) everywhere you look.  It has totally helped with the training motivation.  Honestly, I could not imagine having to wake up to freezing cold and dress in a million layers to ride.  My ride started at 52* which is really cold for us, but the great thing is, by 7am its 72*. I can handle 30 or so minutes of teeth chatter before warming up and finally landing in a sauna.

The swim on the other hand is a bitter, bitter, nail biting, fist clenching torcher.  I have to count to 3 and force myself to get under the water. Whenever we have snow on the mountain or rain the ocean just gets so cold!  In fact, we have had a couple races wetsuit legal!  Thursday was an Ironman swim, I sported the wetsuit and now sport what looks like a horrifying make out session on my neck!  Hicky central and painful in appearance.  But again, all the moans and groans of freezing fade as soon as the dolphins show up.  And they showed up.


This happened too, God must have been tandem biking with me 'cause something minor could have been major.  In an attempt to not fly through an intersection where a car was about to pull out I tried to unclip and just fell over.  It was honestly more painful in embarrassment than busting my knees. A complete blonde moment, slow motion fall over and land under the bike on the side of the road. The life guards gave me a paper towel and I was back in action...

Then I went and did speed work and arms.  It was 10 rounds of 100 meter runs and 7 pulls ups.  No, I did not make 70 pulls ups without the use of a band (but that would be badass).  I am trying SO HARD to make 5 in a row, I'm up to 3 with just me and no band.  Make a little goal and make it happen, that's what I keep aiming for.  As for the 100's, I love running and they set me up for this mornings TT action.  Ironman New Zealand is on my map and having a very supportive coach, we came to an agreement that NZ would only be smart if I can land some goal times in today's TT.  Remember last year?  I felt so ready and excited about Ironman Melbourne even though it was just a few weeks after the broken foot, I went, I got last place and suffered.  We just don't want to repeat that.  So... I time trialed this morning...

The morning was:  40 mile TT on the bike then a 9 mile run TT.   I had numbers to hit, paces to aim for, and a crud ton of determination. I suppose when you really believe in your plan or what you are doing it makes it easier to find a way to make it happen. And I want to be fit for an Ironman, as I can not afford a "vacation", that's what I call races that go sour.   It was pretty amazing, one of those days that just come together nicely.  After the bike/run I sent the data to coach and he gave me a thumbs up.  Of course we have plenty of work to do still, but it feels nice that I can finally start my mission to book a flight to NZ!  A place I have never been and always wanted to race...

I rolled, ate plenty of eggs n' tortilla chips, wore compression pants, and let my butterflies finally fly!  As for New Zealand being chilly, I know, I've been warned.  My fashion sense when it comes to being warm makes no sense at all.  It just means wearing a lot of clothes at once...see...

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweaty Mess...

My "cross training" better known as Crossfit Kona, has been delightfully motivational for me.  Again.  Like I said before, I don't go as much as I'd like, but I go enough to get some core, strength, and encouragement for all things sporty and goal oriented.  It has become like another world for me outside of triathlon, just getting in a "box" with all these super driven people that lift you up rather than attempt to outdo you, not that we don't "race" each other. It's just a very healthy balance for me since my daily life is surrounded by a lifestyle where winning is a big, big, big goal.  Often, the goal when it comes to work.  My confidence still waivers and my brain still forgets to believe bigger, but when I land at the "box" I all of a sudden get this little twinkle inside that makes me feel 10 again, like anything is possible.  I need that...

Yesterday I had time, it was perfect.  It was actually a workout that I think any athlete reading this post can handle and gain a lot from.  It's 4 rounds of the following:  30 seconds of burpees (rest 30), 30 seconds of kettle bells, if you don't have them and most likely don't, use canned food and just get your arms in the motion (rest 30), then air squats for 30 seconds (30 rest), repeat it all for a total of 4 rounds.  Count your totals.  It's really fun, do it with your friends, I dare you, you will like it.  And that is my sweat mess.

Something wonderful on Wednesday:
Oakley sent me 4 pairs of the most cute and fun sunnies a girl can have!  THANK YOU SO MUCH Oakley, I love them!

Something not wonderful on Wednesday:
Somebody's fin went through my board tonight at sunset surf. I was actually going to bail on surfing now that Ironman is getting so close, but I wanted to paddle in the wetsuit and get my arms used to it, this was my excuse to use a wetsuit...

See, beautiful place to practice a wetsuit, right?

...and the last of the snow.  Isn't it funny how people on an island drive to the volcano top, load up the truck beds, and drive it down to their front lawns?  Haha, bet the mainland people that shovel it everyday think that is crazy!  That's about it for the day, some lighter training, speed has slowly picked up, and I worked at school to make $ to fly the's a nice balance happening.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Miles.

This weekend is 4wks out from Ironman New Zealand, you know what that means.  More miles, more excitement, more focus, more butterflies.  About a month out from all my Ironmans I like to ride bike to the top of the island.  The stretch throws it all, wind, heat, rain, hills, and enough miles that me and my bike have moments of potential break downs, leaving us left with lessons and time to fix stuff before race week.  This 122 mile trip was actually a near shocking surprise in all the right directions.  The bike worked wonders.  Nutrition went well.  And I felt pretty good with the time out on the road all by myself.  If you ask me, long days like these are confidence in the bank heading into an Ironman, when it really helps to know we have stuff within our control in working order.  Anyways, the top of the island was the kind of beautiful that makes me happy and well worth the trip...

Now it's Sunday and it feels really good having had a very full week of training on the plan and tackled. I'm not sure how some of you moms feel day to day, but let me tell you, it is so important to make some goal for your life (big or small) and actually tackle it.  I know, I know, it's just so hard to find the time and energy and of course jump over that little bit of guilt or selfishness we feel.  But having made it through a big week that I was determined to make it through, some how in a strange way, I feel like a better mom.  So ladies, mommas, whatever it is you got on that "bucket list" or little to-do list, just go get it done and then raise your arms in the air and say, "Peace out beaches" and be proud of yourself.  Kind of felt cocky doing that after my 122 mile bike ride Friday, but when it was said and done, it became more of a moment I was proud of and humbled for, because to me, 122 miles on a bike sort of is a big deal and I don't want to ever get in a place where I say, "oh it was nothing".  Our goals are way bigger than nothing.  Sorry, I am rambling.  My sister motivated me and it worked so maybe this will motivate one of you...

As for my recovery day...

The snow.  A bunch of us went to Mauna Kea and played on the pretty snow covered volcano top.  It was so cold, leaving me with a mission:  Pretend it's New Zealand.  I was embracing the chill, cold face, numb fingers, and chattering teeth.  I kept saying, "get comfortable being uncomfortable". I have no idea how this will actually come into play on race day, but it certainly helped having a day off from being super hot & humid...

Back to this morning, a half marathon with a couple purposes:  Get in the Sunday run & support a good cause.  A little girl on the island lost her life to cancer and this mornings run was in her honor while raising money to prevent children in the future from having the same life ending struggle. "Run for Carmen". They gave us all these pink bracelets, I honestly was fighting tears putting mine on.  It is such a perfect reminder for me in this moment of life. 

So I ran.  It rained pretty good.  With nearly all rains in Hawaii, a rainbow follows, it was a giant double that lasted almost half my run, really making everything worth running for that much more meaningful.  Don't tell anyone, I actually cried a little around mile 9.  The run just felt so effortless (not just because coach made me run it "easyish pace" as a training day), but I was feeling so thankful for Kainoa being so healthy, for my legs that can run, and for the good people surrounding me that I've been so motivated by lately.  Of course a giant plate of egg burritos was followed by that effort, and then, time with my son...

Have a good Sunday,