Thursday, February 20, 2014

AudioFlood My Swim...

Something pretty cool came in the mail yesterday, took it for a test drive today.  The iPod AudioFlood landed in Hawaii with a note to "try it out and give feedback".  Pretty simple, took it to the 1.2 mile buoy, is what I think:

First reaction:
  • So little, so cute, it's blue (they have plenty of colors)
  • Easy to use and easy to down load music
  • Will it shock my ears when I get it wet?
  • Not sure how I feel about electronics in the ocean, too much too appreciate
After 1,000 yards:
  • Wow, it sounds as sharp as above water
  • My ears were not electrocuted or shocked in any way
  •  The cord stays out of my way and stroke
  • The ear piece (comes with a couple sizes) stays put under swim cap
  • My jams were motivating me

Then the dolphins came:
  • I could not hear their songs, I prefer their songs to my jams
  • I was missing the peace and quiet of my head underwater
  • Maybe it belongs in the pool
Training Benefits:
  •  It reminded me of the tempo trainer, a fast song comes on and gets your turn over moving, a slow slow song had me reaching and pulling for more water
  • You can use it for days that lack motivation (jams usually help)
  • A training game:  One song fast, one song easy, repeat...
  • The pool, nuff said....
  • It can handle sweaty runs and rides too
  • Great for rain and snow training
Will I use it:
  • Yes, pool swims, runs & rides with rain and sweat.
  • Bet it would be great for long solo paddle sessions
  • Next time I have to wash my car, it will be on!
  • Price, it was a gift, but you can get details here:  AudioFlood
  • 2 Thumbs up for ease of use and staying put

Mahalos AudioFlood for letting me test it out in the Pacific Ocean, it was truly a new experience.  It totally stood up to the challenge of Hawaiian waters, just no competition for the dolphins, but not much is...



Tina Marie Parker said...

Nice. Maybe I will try in the pool. Have an amazing week!

Shawna Barlette said...

I adore my shuffle. Had no idea they came up with a way to waterproof it! Pretty cool idea, especially for a pool.

Lucy Francis said...

Bree I woke up this morning to the wonderful news of your top 5 at IMNZ. It looked like a very strong field and I bet you picked up lots of points too :-) enjoy New Zealand. I can't wait to read your race report

Adrian said...

Yup. We all can't wait to read your race report!