Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am running out motivation to blog, my apologies if you are a returning picture looker or reader and find nothing.  Thankfully the desire to train, work, and live out all my courageous moments is still full bloom.  It seems life has me in a spot where listening is taking over my usual desire to speak.  Perhaps I am really enjoying learning these days, often easier done when a big mouth is silent...

Tuesday, it's been 5.5 hours of training all before lunch.  I feel good.  My body feels good.  My head and heart feel even better.  I keep silencing the mind and it has been helping my heart to keep positive and focused.  Less than 4wks till Ironman Texas and the usual parade of emotions tried to entertain me..."Am I ready?  Have I ridden enough long rides?  Have I been in the class too much more than at practice?  What if I have a bad race and don't get Kona points?  What if I spend $ to get there and come home without any $?".  Shhhh.... live the moment.  "Control what you can control, Bree"...

So I've been doing that, focusing on what I can do as best as I can do it. At the moment, I've worked enough to pay all the bills on time, I've been super blessed by a few friends in the community to help afford the trip, my family is super healthy, and I get my @$$ out the door every time coach says to get out there.  Not saying the training has been perfect, but mostly good to very good. 

Yesterday I had a bike time trial and it was pretty ugly.  Maybe lingering fatigue from long runs last week? It made me a little sad but I knew one thing was certain, it was done, best to let it go.  At sunset coach gave me a run time trial.  The plan for these was to practice my "race day pacing".  Get the legs, heart, and mind, locked into my goals.  I did what any driven, motivated, "pick yourself up and dust yourself off" kind of girl would do for the run, (after a poor bike ride), I called in for back ups.  Nobody wanted to run the run with me (not sure I blame them), I got Veeks to ride it with me, yell at me, cheer to me, pace me.  It worked to brilliantly and the day was salvaged.

Hmmm, not much more to report on.  I did discover kiwi tastes really good on kale and cabbage.  And thankfully our little garden is still providing.  You have no idea how happy that makes me.  We must save $50 bucks a week on veggies when that thing is going off.  

Um, oh yeah.  Station #14.  This is Masudas new "second home".  It's the fire station up North on the Queen K.  I love it, I pass it weekly on my bike rides, including today.  It makes me feel so safe out on the roads knowing he is just an ambulance away!  Not to mention I can stop in for drinks!!

That's it.  Sorry I'm at a loss for words.  Maybe I should make a post of all life is teaching me by listening.  Have a nice day,


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Lucy Francis said...

:-(ohhh if you ever stop blogging it will feel like a I've lost a friend.