Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Race Week.

It's race week. It does not feel like race week around here, at all.  I'm trying to make it feel that way, wearing compression socks to bed and trying to sit down more than stand up.  But it's real life and I'm at home.  Travel races are super easy to relax, they involve minimal (if any) real life, day-to-day activities...like driving to elementary school, packing lunches, checking the mail box and writing out bills, laundry, feeding the dog, watering the garden, dishes, you know the big list of little things.  It feels really nice to be home, it just feels really normal and I'm trying to get into race-week-mode, like putting race wheels on my bike tomorrow and new hot pink bar wrap...

Speaking of pink, a must-try juice flavor that I fell in love with today:  Beet, lime, ginger.  Promise you it tastes yummy.  And more pink news, flamingos on my socks!  I am loving these so much and decided that every race deserves new socks.  Races are special, like a prom or big dance, we better dress up and go all out!  These babies made me super pumped to run today.  Speaking or running, I feel pretty good.  My butt hurts a little still from Ironman, I mean I felt sore pushing off the wall at swim practice this morning, but I'm sure it will feel less fatigued by Saturday.

$1 for those awesome socks! 

Just for good measure I tried a pull up with the moms after yesterdays treadmill run.  I can still do one.  I miss the gym or Crossfit Kona, you know what I mean, those workouts with company.   After Hawaii 70.3 Saturday Coach has kindly reminded me that I still have nearly 8 days of chill-time before we dig into the miles for an Ironman again.  I'm okay with that, his plans have been working brilliantly for me.  And I like ocean swimming with dolphins rather than the black pool line right now.  But I am missing company in strength training and Kona Aquatics...till then, me, myself, and I will float through recovery with a smile on my face.

This was yesterdays recovery.  Some paddle with the boys.  I wish I had better pictures, it was a near perfect family day that truly has me appreciating my life (mostly these guys).  It is more than swim, bike, run, (and that it almost always nicely involves swim, bike, run), like the ocean.

 Um... that's my kid for ya.  He made some chocolate mess in the blender, he calls it taper to sit in a chair with a cat in his lap.  Oh.... one more piece of great news, my mother has booked a flight to Ironman Canada!  It looks like we have a mother-daughter trip on the horizon! 



Tina Marie Parker said...

Yeah for Mom! Ki looks big in the pic and his hair is longest I think I have ever seen :)

Lucy Francis said...

Bree I feel exactly the same about racing at home, I have to go to work, do all the housework and errands. No laying around by the pool sunning myself before race day :-(

Kainoa looks so much like you! what a cute boy

Lectie said...

I just re-taped my bars hot pink as well!

Dawn said...

Love the socks and pull-up! Kainoa is a mini-you, so cute. Happy racing!! :)

Adrian said...

kill it this weekend! all the very best! good warm up for Kona!