Saturday, May 24, 2014

Relaxing 101

Home from the Woodlands, Ironman Texas in the bank, and next weekend a half ironman to tackle.  That means my relaxation mode is set.  Hawaii 70.3 is one of my favorite races ever  (not to mention in my backyard) so the thought of not racing never crossed my mind.  However I've never raced a half 2 weeks after an Ironman.  My plan is to just recover all the way up until the start line at 6:50 in the morning next weekend, then say, "Go body, go NOW" and hope for the best... it should be good.

I am very passionate about triathlon this season. Maybe it has to do with finally seeing some growth after patiently waiting for some gains.  Glad I never gave up, as I know nothing comes easy, to finally feel like things are clicking feels pretty amazing.  That said, the point chase (annoying as that sounds) but it is what it is, is still on.  I'm sitting #36.  Youch. To fill you in (in case I have clueless readers, "Hi mom") they take only 35 of us pro girls of like a million of us, okay about 300).  Anyways, a couple girls are automatically qualified, a couple are in points for the 70.3 Champs, and a couple for whatever reason aren't going to race.  That means I move up a couple girls, but it's not a safe spot.  Another Ironman will have to be raced.  (And I am hoping and praying that is all it will take).  There are 10 Ironmans left before the first 28 of us are qualified.  That said, we will shuffle as girls race those 10.  I will be racing one of those 10, Ironman Whistler July 27th, in case you are wondering. 

And I am happy and excited about that.  AND, I appreciate all the support that has been written to me from nice people that read this thing, it means a lot and keeps my chin up. Back to that relaxing thing.  I have been spending time doing very sitting on the lanai with a box of mangoes.

 I have also spent plenty of time creating in the kitchen. This is a must share, juice whatever you juice (make extra) and put it in ice cube trays!  Its amazing, then you have juiced cubes to toss in your morning smoothie without having to make a mess with your juicer to start your day!  Beets and blueberries are my favorite right now. 

I am also chilling in the garden.  Secretly wanting more garden space or more seeds or more plant pots to make MORE.  Its a small addiction (as Masuda says, You never just do anything a little bit), no I don't, not really.

I have been chilling with a book (and finished it!).  This might be the 3rd ever nonfiction book I've ever read (I am a fan of real stuff), but I loved it and am counting down for the movie to come out.  Perhaps I can convice Masuda it would be a great date night, hint HINT hint....

I have been chilling with dolphins, see, we swam together yesterday...

I have been chilling with my bike (only one ride so far), but it was easy, in a bikini just to make sure it stayed easy.  We even girl talked and lolly gagged to keep the pace in check...

...and I am chilling with this fireman too.  Well, he sleeps, I just take pictures and try to wake him up.  It has been so nice to be home and now to stay put for nearly two whole months until time to fly again.  Very, very thankful.  Have a nice weekend!!


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Lucy Francis said...

Bree congratulations on your 4th place in Texas. i bet the rsce conditions out there suit you really well too. So glado to heasr that your recovery is very similar to mine i.e: do very little :-)
I however have an ITU Olympic distance here in london this weekend :-) so nice to race in our own backyard isn't it?
I understand the points chasing must be a bit of a pain specially for women with so few spots to start with as well. You're so close you will do it