Monday, June 9, 2014

How's it going?

My updates have seriously been slacking, but life has been good. Mostly, just trying to get back on the healthy wagon.  I do a good job of being a regular girl after a big race.  Stay up a little later, clean Kainoa's plate (including kid food with ingredients I can't pronounce), drink a beer, sleep in a little (very challenging for me), and indulge in plenty of other sporty things.  The indulging in "plenty of other sporty things"" is thanks to coach.  Mentally refreshing?  Yes.  Ignite motivation?  Yes.  Renew the muscles?  Yes.  So he writes plans that say, "low HR, try yoga, surf, paddle, no CF yet, family time activities".  It's so easy to get out, be active, and follow that plan. I think it makes it easier to get back to work too, when the time is right. Because the season is long and I want to keep "fresh" mentally and physically as best as I can.

That said...
About 7 weeks till Ironman Canada.  I feel good.  I feel recovered.  I am ready to dive back in.  I've been drinking all the green drinks in abundance once again, starting to see sunrise more frequently, and dipping back into the pool.  Minimal lacing of the shoes.  I take that back last night I played basketball, 2 on 2.  It was awesome, much needed competition all for the bragging rights and not a payday or point. (However, I confess to greatly liking working/racing for both). And I've been paddling...a little.

Kainoa started paddling this season.  Watching him had me recalling some of my favorite moments on the ocean.  Being at his practices (on the sidelines) was very fun.  Being at his races on the side lines, not as much fun.  Oh, never get me wrong, it is so much fun watching your child, cheering, supporting, loving, its wonderful.  But...have you ever been to a regatta?  They are SO LONG.  You are there literally all day, unlike any sport I know.  In fact, the past few Saturdays we got there by 7 and left around 4.  It's like an Ironman, except the actual race is less than 10 minutes.  A few regattas ago, I took a swim and a run between races!  And got me thinking...maybe...I should paddle...since I am here... all day...cheering...waiting....waiting...and Mike and his boys paddle I'm literally  A few weeks ago to be legit, I went to some practices. Oh it was amazing.

...and I volunteered (as the rice serving girl).  That was amazing too.  And then...I raced.  I jumped back into the canoe, paddled my heart out, and you know what?

Our boat won.  It was a good day. So that's what I've been doing.  And back into 40 minute bike rides, a couple swims, and a couple runs.  I am patiently awaiting the day I get to swim, bike, or/and run more than 40 minutes.  Till then, active recovery in the form of other sporty things.  And it feels like life is being totally lived out loud.  I even got to surf yesterday, right into a sunset.  Okay, that's all I got for now.  Bed time is calling, swim practice in the morning, wooohooo, I see triathlon training about to ramp up!!

Good night,
Bree xo

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Lucy Francis said...

A short break from routine will see you coming back refreshed and full energy. Your boat race sounds so much fun and I don't blame you for finding it boring to just stand on the sidelines, I would too.
I'd love to try SUP one day :-)