Sunday, August 31, 2014

This little quote landed in my lap and has been tip toeing through my perspective a lot, almost every night actually. I am really learning to manage 24 hours better, more productively, as if on a mission to cross all the little and big things off my bucket list. Not because they have an expiration date, they don't. It's because they matter to me...

Life, love, and sport is all I've been up to lately. Every morning it still puts a smile on my face that I'll be racing Ironman Hawaii. It motivates me to get going, get training, and keep believing. I'm still so thankful to have qualified and have not been tempted in the least to take it for granted. Motherhood is still keeping me very grounded and at peace with reality when being any sort of a professional athlete begins to entertain me...humbled at its finest. Love still finds it's way to remind me just how strong yet fragile it is, I can thank Masuda for holding my had through those lessons. And paddling is still so darn fun! My life needed fun on this level. An attempt at explaining that would take forever, for better sake of words, I am crossing off many, many bucket list goals all because of it...and that is so very satisfying.

Miles and miles have been swam, biked, and ran lately. Motivation is still high and it gets even higher when people ask me how in the world can I wake up and do it again and again, mostly alone, everyday. How can you not wake up with a purpose? Hawi has never looked so gorgeous lately and I can hardly wait to arrive on race day!

I've been fortunate to rally a couple days worth of training partners. Even went a few days ipodless! Had my fair share of flat tires, mixed a few bottles with sport drink that had caffeine in it leaving me in a lesson I hope to not repeat. Ever. Again. And I even scored myself a new Zoot race kit for the big's being made as we speak! 

Hmm...what else? Been inhaling a lot of food. Wanting to sleep a little more. But feeling good other than that. Must admit, it's nice to know the body is stronger and more capable than we give it credit for. 

Running has been the best part for me in all of this journey to Ironman. Quiet special how lacing shoes can save a day, make pancakes feel rewarding, and land you amongst such pretty places while mentally overcoming ugly places. 

And the paddle. I am loving it for many reasons. I think without knowing it I was suffering from some sadness with missing Kainoa a lot when he's at his dads. Thankfully Kainoa has a great father who wants to spend time with him and we have been able to share him very well, but I always miss him to an extent that makes it all to easy to cry, especially on weekends. Landing on the water keeps me focused on my bucket list, better make good use of my time and not cry over spilt milk kind of feeling. And so, this weekend I got to paddle my first ever Lilio. It's 18 miles long, for 12 years I've wanted to do it and yesterday I crossed it off my list. Think of it as the Ironman of paddling, lots of people from all over the world and we start in Kailua Bay! I was in the Koa with 5 amazing women, we took 1st Koa across the line! I was beyond emotional with pride and joy. This morning after my bike ride I lined up again for a 5 mile race in the OC1, took 3rd girl and had more fun than the position I finished. It's really nice not worrying about finish position like in triathlon, truly just fun times.

No post would be complete without food, so let me just tell you, I am consuming enough green smoothies for everyone with this load of life, love, and sport! Have a nice Sunday! Bree


The Padre said...

The photo of the group eating totally put a smile on my face. Then, you followed that up w/a kick A$$ photo of a beach run. What a landscape to enjoy during your journey. Stay Strong & Rock It This Month!!!

Lucy Francis said...

Life is good :-)
And imagine if everyone around the world could stop for a moment and take a deep would be a more peaceful place I'm sure.
I'm loving the canoe adventures Bree but I confess I know nothing about the sport.
It must be such a nice addition to your training as well.