Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eating Pineapples

At the moment I really can't come up with a more clever title than that, so sitting here eating pineapples it just makes sense to me.  I should add a bowl of cocoa crispys too, those are also being eaten at the moment, with pineapple.  That's how I know this is the chunky, beefy, feeling it, week before an Ironman.  When you just roll with it, wake up and follow the plan, minimal thinking because you're nearly too tired to make sense of it...just trust...and do.

But it has also been pretty special.  We have had a rainbow every single day this week.  Tonight was a double rainbow over the ocean where one end landed on the Ironman buoy.  I was so happy, like a kid that believes there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  It was also the last paddle practice of the season.  Oh, how I'll miss it, miss the girls, the ocean at sunset, and just escaping out to sea a couple nights a week.  But it's not entirely over, we race Sunday, one more long distance race to go...

After that it really is only Ironman on my mind.  My healthy distraction has served me so well, completely balanced me, mentally kept me from burn out, and has given me so much happiness seeing two dreams collide at once.

It's been looking more and more like Ironman around town lately.  Little things, like signs slowly being posted, "Ironman athletes shop here".  Pros riding through town in fancy matching bike kits, some really big legends showing up to swim practice (see above),  and the woman I usually see for massage is booked up, now I know why she had me schedule a month out!  And today, I put two meetings on my calendar for sponsorship obligations race really is coming!  I also took my last teaching assignment before Ironman, one day next week, then only triathlon...yikes.  I'm ready to tone it all down and let some butterflies slowly find the way to shift my gears.

Monday I committed to a fruit and veggie "juiced" only day with my friend Tiffany.  She sort of has to do it, I sort of feel like I should support her.  I tried to get on the wagon today and have only fruits and veggies for snack, but cocoa cripsys happened.  I always try to do a one day fruit & veggie day pre race anyways.  It makes me feel so much better after weeks of gels, sports drinks, and bars from wrappers.  Monday I'll let you know how it goes...

Today was another swim to the Ironman buoy.  Guess what?  It's actually 2.7 miles on regular days when the race course isn't lined up.  Somehow all the locals that swim knew that and like the late bloomer I am, finding out years later.  I always thought the slight time difference was because race days I don't stop to check out the sea life.  I think one of the things I'm most looking forward to it the setting of the buoys.  They are so beautiful to me, perhaps only because I can appreciate the ocean without them.  But seeing them is a sure sign the race is coming!

Ahhhhhh, deep breath, just over three weeks to go...
Good night, 

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Tina Marie Parker said...

Way jealous of the turtle! The perfect rainbow with the boy. Great Friday catching up with your pics. I wish I was in Hawaii with you for race day. I am out 52 days from Arizona. Tomorrow our 100 mile bike on Fiesta Island in San Diego, so we can go non stop, and then we will run.

Great job paddling! Keep up the training and you look simply amazing.

Thomas started playing baseball again finally, so cramming the training in between games.

All the best.