Sunday, September 14, 2014

Four Weeks, Baby!!

I am totally on celebration mode (and flying kites on Kua Bay Hill mode) that we are a month from Ironman! The prom, the Super Bowl, the wedding, the Wimbledon, the NBA, maybe not those things, but it does take a special place in my heart and get the special attention that a 140.6 mile race deserves...

Humbling. Respected. A privelage. The Championships of my sport is almost here.

This week my focus was on all three sports, of course, but I really tried to feel like a swimmer.  The Ocean is my second home, thankfully I'm comfortable there and have found peace in the water like no place on Earth. But I really need to learn to go fast, move, and focus on swimming like a swimmer, not a girl solely floating in her heaven on earth. I swam out to the Ironman buoy 3x, that's more than usual for me and I took part in the Peaman swim race this morning. It helped having a little prerace jitters lining up with fast high school kids and going breathless for nearly a mile.  Week 5 goal, the swim, has been successful. Now to hold onto that faster feeling and ditch my floating feeling throughout the Ironman.

My sister got me hooked on this Drake poet, he is kind of intense about life and love. Sometimes it feels like I'm reading something from a drunk man at a bar, but other times it just says what I feel without having to find my own words.  Like this one.  It's really helped to keep me more at ease through this Ironman journey. Appreciating all life has to give me, while holding firmly to my opportunities with sport at the same time. A collision of dreams and obligations, I guess. Or maybe just not needing to be reminded that life is short and we have to just go for it in the moment.  

I did go surfing too.  Today, I just had too.  Absolutely, without a doubt, in no way, could I avoid it.  My church is right on Ali'i Drive near a good surf break, the waves kept calling, I kept fighting to focus on the message, but something in me took over...follow your heart.  It was swim practice #2 of the day, a dose of Vitamin D, recovery from my run, breakfast, one of those days that you simply appreciate every single drop of all the good things you are capable of. I'll let it tide me over now till after October 11...

As for the food pic that is somewhat standard on an Ironman blog post, pancakes.  Seriously I don't even like pancakes unless we make them at home.  I'm fussy.  They have to be flat, like a crepe, not fluffy, and require mostly eggs.  And I like them cooked in coconut oil till the edges get crispy.  As for the fun stuff, I always go wild.  Sometimes spinach and other garden things.  But this week, after a long ride, it was bacon and strawberries!  If you have yet to try that, do it.  What a beautiful combination of sweet and salty.

4wks to go, that means the swim pool first thing in the morning.  Plenty of athletes are starting to roll into town, so hopefully this week I land some company.  Or at least some motivation to keep myself feeling more like a trigeek for the next few weeks. Butterflies, not yet.  Excitement, continuously. But above all...thankful.

Good night from Kona.

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Dawn said...

Awesome! Love your surf picture too :)