Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some miles.

The day has arrived, I am a soccer mom. It was only a joke when he was in my belly, that one day I'd be a soccer mom...now it's real. And I like it better than swim meets, it's an hour of action, not all day long requiring me to learn patience. I don't know the rules so I don't scream and shout from the sidelines.  I just watch and think it looks fun to run after a ball...

The best part, Kainoa chose the sport himself and loves it. He wears the biggest smile I've yet to see him wear in any of his sweaty activities, so far.

Okay, back to me. (Insert sarcasm, it's my attempt to not blab too much about family stuff since my fam does not give me permission to blab about them publicly on blog). But really, Ironman is in the 5wk window which happens to be my favorite window!  It's the one where girls like me finally narrow their gaze.  I admit to the struggle of wanting to do absolutely everything in life, live it up! That suggests a problem when the race draws near and laser focus is needed for a great 140.6 miles, so week 5 is when I can actually start seeing the race and begin to feel eager about just one thing at a time. 

My brother n law sent me the above picture of my first Ironman, what beautiful memories came flooding, along with the perfect motivation to strive for a repeat of a day I'm proud of.  Hello Ironman number 20!

Oh before I forget, mix those things listed on the glass jar in our fridge, it's my flavor of the week.  Dear God it's so good!! It all began by cleaning out our garden...it needs a make over after Ironman!

Back to Ironman, this hill was my mental workout. You know how sometimes you just need to go kick your own ass? I had that day and ran up the path to the jello mold hill, then to the top of the hill.  Ill be honest, it was pretty brutal, but it's hardly torture when you are surrounded by views that make you beyond thankful...that said, it made me appreciate even more the 140.6 miles soon to come.

Today was the money in the bank day.  Stacking some hay in the barn day. Planting seeds day. Whatever you prefer, it counted.  I loved it.  And even more incredible was feeling truly blessed by good friends, like Staci's future hubby pulling over on his way to work and surprising us with drinks! 

It has been a few good days in a row of miles and miles on the way to another Ironman. And tomorrow, wake up and do more miles... 

Happy training! 

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