Thursday, October 9, 2014

Journey to 140.6

Before I get this show on the road, let me begin with directing traffic.  If you are looking for some "prerace, game face, how's it going for a pro triathlete 2 sleeps away, tips for race day" turn to the next blog you read. Oh the show must go on, I am madly in love with the fact it will still go on, but dear friends (who I assume have read this far) my journey into race day has been nothing short of a surprise for me.  And while not all pleasant, it has still been special, and thats whats so great about it. The journey is so unique to each of us and how we handle it is what life is all about...I think.

Here we go...
2 sleeps away and I am excited.  I am here (take that back, we are here) as I have had so much support in the way of kind words, notes, gifts, and shoes to get here.  Being a pro in the race I've tried to be more "pro" about the big day.  In fact, I skipped running down Ali'i Drive in my underwear this morning, I'm not usually one to skip the Underpants Run prerace, but I did. It has taken 3ys to qualify, that tells me it will take all my efforts, focus, and energy to make it a strong day till the finish line.  Well worth post-phoning my panty party.  I also made sure to attend the launch for Ceepo's 2015 bike with my hair brushed and a clean Zoot shirt.  Until the picture was taken I had no idea I drank water like a 3yr old and had a wet shirt all evening...but the attempt to be more pro was there.  After all, in some capacity it is my job and a part of the journey life has me on.

The more difficult part has been my heart.  For the most part, after the initial sting and getting the breath knocked out of me, I have found a lot of peace in the new paths Masuda & me are taking.  I'm sleeping fine and eating just fine and training fine.  Some things are terribly hard, like fixing this Garmin for the bike.  He was always amazing at all my gigets and gadets & explaining them to me.  My sister and I are like two blondes (literally) trying to get it programmed how I want it for race day.  Its the little things, (I'm a little things matter most kind of girl), that make me really wish he was still part of my journey.  Undoubtably he had so much to do, perhaps the most, with me even being on the start line.  Oh but Dear Bree, life goes on and journeys take us through surprising moments.

My mom, bless her heart, called to remind me, (I think she was actually reminding herself I am fine), of the beginning of my life in Hawaii.  Ahh, 2wks out of college, the coin flip (heads Hawaii, tails Costa Rica), and that was that.  The journey to Hawaii with $900 & my surf board.  Truly, sincerly, that was it. Oh, and my journal. "And look at you now, Bree!", she said.  That's kind of how the journey goes, unknown, maybe afraid, but you go anyways.  And you live and learn.  Maybe in some wonderful way, my broken heart prerace will be the strength and courage this Ironman requires me to race with.  That said, embracing it...

As for all the fun stuff, there is no shortage.  Crowie at the swim pool, UK friends on bike rides, Japanese training partners at sunrise, Coach Steve, the prerace movie date with the girls (compression socks of course), meeting up with sponsors (Mr. Tanaka of Ceepo has me convinced I need to race Thailand and Japan next year), Zoot and the amazing new race kit they gave me, Wendy taking terrific care of my nails, Staci's millions of texts of Bible verses for me to read, Kainoa's singing, and my sister doing my laundry. Beyond thankful that at this moment in life, all the good people, and moments are happening on the way to the start line...

...And of course this.  My most favorite Ironman Hawaii moment, ever.  Kainoa was 1, I was certain of just one thing, stick to my plan.  And the day unfolded better than ever imagined.  So much like a race day plan, this fragile position my journey has taken me through, I know the outcome will be better than I imagined.  I want to have as much fun as I had in my first Ironman, it was a blast.  I want to love it all, leave it all out on the course, appreciate every mile, keep humble, keep calm, keep focused, keep moving, and of course trust the journey I have been on, that it has equipped me for all I need on race day.  

A massive thank you for the lovely notes, texts, emails, and such that I've been reading this week.  I'll let you know how Saturday goes.  And one more thing, when my surf board and I landed here I thought I'd end up like this guy, Sunny.  He's one of the most amazing big wave surfers in the world.  Never did a girl with pro surfing dreams think she would end up riding her bike 112 miles rather than riding waves.  But I did, and thats what life is showing me.  Dream away, work for them, and trust that giving up is never an option, because sometimes the journey we are on will take us away from what we wanted but deliver us something far beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

2 more sleeps.
Bree xo

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