Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday 20 Miler...

I am back. Life feels as if I'm in the right place at the right time more so than it has in too long.  Its funny, things could be going amazing but then something tiny happens and everything is out of whack, its as if deep down, as genuine as life can be, it is not right.  And in the same way, you can be on the right track doing the right thing, with the right people, at the right place and something sour happens but you are hardly derailed, you just dust off and continue to carry that genuine, deep down, for real joy.  I had that so strong yesterday, like a girl in love, in love so deeply with the life she has been given...

Im back training today.  2 weeks of nearly breaking a sweat other than yoga and fish watching. To wrap up my incredible time off we took a long, long, long hike back into the Wai'ilikahi waterfall.  It took us longer than it took me to race Ironman Hawaii.  It took took my breath away and inspired me to keep tight all the energy, life, and love I was feeling for the 20 miles we took to paradise...

In love. 

Lunch break, cold plunge, relax.  

The easy part. Seeing 11 mini waterfalls along the way was pretty easy too.

Coconut water pit stop.

Friends that have become family. The training partners for the day.

Back in the valley.

Surfers in the most uncrowded wave of the day.  

And finally sunset.  You know how sometimes you just have to experience something to remind you how truly alive this life can be?  Thats what happens to me everytime I take an adventure of any kind.  Its like the fuel to keep me living fully.  Now that training is picking up a little, as in swim practice and a 45 minute run today, I am also finding a major tugging on my heart to "dream a little bigger darling".  More on that another day...

Ok, time to sleep, pool is calling me bright and early tomorrow morning.
Good night!
Bree xo

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