Monday, November 24, 2014

Almost to Oz.

44.  I'll be racer number 44.  At the 21st Ironman of my life.  AND I am thrilled.  This time next week my bike and I will be flying over the Pacific Ocean, to Australia.  This journey has once again reminded me that no two Ironman journeys are the same.  It has been nothing like the other 20 Ironman journeys.  With that in mind, I know the Ironman itself will also hold newness and be different from the other Ironmans.  That helps keep me humble for the 140.6 miles, knowing that despite having raced the distance before it will still hold miles of unknown, out of my control, and even moments better than possibly raced before.  I love that little piece of excitement, maybe that's what keeps us coming back for more, knowing it is never the same even when similar...

This time around I have felt like I'm in "off season" mode.  Seriously.  Maybe because I dove into off season mode (and mood) right after Ironman Hawaii.  But you know how us athletes go, once we lace up our shoes we can switch gears and get up and running.  So I did.  But it still feels off-season-ish.  I've been eating holiday foods, enjoying friends more than usual, and I'm just excited differently.  Maybe because it's like I'm getting a gift I wasn't expecting. Or because it is during the holidays we seem to be even more giddy and happy about friendships and I am just so thankful for the people in my life.  It seems that the unfortunate moving out and break up showed me just how strong I still am...and that life is still really good...and I am not alone.  And I've been taking yoga....

It is still a little challenging to stay confinded to my mat, not really moving anywhere for an hour.  But, mentally I am finding a greater strength in it and that moves me...I think.  Last week I took 2 classes and worked on balance.  Wow is all I can say, how I dont trip and fall just walking, much less running, surprises me.

This weekend was that "one more" weekend of some distance and some speed and much focus.  Kawika and his lovely gf joined me on mountain bikes.  It was so, so, so perfect.  Just being out of town, in the country, and with such wonderful people, it felt like Christmas in November.  I guess if I could have just one wish for the holidays, it would be to feel like this forever...thankful.

Cheeeeeeese!  Oh yes, training has been serious, but I've been really, truly enjoying it.  Maybe having more time in the class lately has me just so happy to be outside and sweaty!!  So what are my goals going into Ironman Australia?  The usual.  I wrote them down, hung them up where I look at them everyday, and think about them often.  The times are based on how training is going, of course the outcome will be what it is, but a little faith in your training can result in good stuff if you ask me. The things I can control are my work in progress heading into the final days before the race.  You know, like "embracing my wetsuit".  I'm actually very eager to see how the race unfolds, with so much life stuff and changes going on, it may be a day I just feel so free to be out there away from all that I'm sorting through. 

By the way, I got a new truck.  My dream truck actually.  Never in a million years did I think I'd get a white Tacoma but I've wanted one since high school and many, many years later it happened.   The last 10 years I've been in the 4Runner, liked it a lot, but it was so unreliable and old.  Now that I don't have Mike to help me out with the repairs and what-nots, it was time to exchange.  And luck was on my side with a beautiful hand-me-down! I still forget it's mine. Yesterday at a red light a man was doing the sexy wink, looking hot thing.  I'm so out of the dating life that I mistaked it as him checking me out. He was all over the place smiling, giddy, you would think he had a crush, at least I thought so.  So I finally smiled back.  Then he pulled up and said, "Nice truck!!".  We had the exact same 2004, white 4-door Tacoma!  He had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the truck.  And that is not the first time I have laughed at myself being single again...I could humor you big time.  I don't blame him, the truck is super sexy.

Back with sport.  Like I said a few paragraphs ago, I have indulged more than usual into holiday foods, that "off-season" thing sort of started before I said so.  To help balance it out I've been into the green smoothies more than ever, and for me that is a LOT!  Try this one if you need a little re-charge.

Frozen banana

You don't even need to add liquid, the watermelon is juicy enough.  The bananas frozen are so sweet it helps the kale, and blueberries (if you ask me) could be eating in or on anything!  Okay, that's it.  Have a good evening, or Thanksgiving as I've been slacking on the updates and may not write before then...

Bree xo

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