Saturday, November 15, 2014

Double Rainbow kind of day...

Confession:  I am a rainbow loving girl.  Since my early days of eating Lucky Charms cereal, just for the rainbow on the box, I have loved the things!  Pretty reminders that you are doing the right thing, at the right place, at the right time, with the right one, ect.  Today we scored two!  From the start of my day till the end, it was a rainbow sandwich.  I'm not sure if today is my last Iron distance ride before Australia or not, just in case it was, we made it count!!  My Brazilian training partner is also heading to OZ so her company was much appreciated...

She is one of the strongest girls on a bike in all of Hawaii, so we worked hard when we had to. Enjoyed when we got to.  And finished feeling more ready to race than when we began our ride.  Confidence is key to most all girls, we certainly were beaming with it today.

About 25 miles in we roll into a huge group of over 100 riders pulling out onto the HWY.  Somehow I missed the memo that today was a 112 mile race around the North side of the island?!  Without trying we landed in the race, riding, er racing, 11 miles with the lead guys.  Being a draft legal race we took full advantage of the speed work, having strong company, and taking a couple pulls.  Of course we got into a bit of trouble too, and I admit to feeling bad for being in the mix of a race and possibly interrupting it, but there was little choice on a one road street with hundreds of people all spread out.  During a pull I guess we made an Oahu guy upset, a Kona guy stood up for us, and we figured our best bet for being nice people was to just go to the market and refuel, letting the entire race pass us up the climb to Hawi.  

We refueled.  Gave the racers time to get on their way, then got on ours.  We started to pass back the riders way off the back of the leaders, cheered them on, supported them, and stayed out of the way this time.  Except one guy, we told him to jump on our wheel and we could help him a little, he lasted maybe a mile.  Nonetheless, it made the usual long ride much more exciting and turned into 112 miles of intervals as we raced out of the way, moved out of the way, and slowed to support those walking up the hills...honest.  

Let's go Ceepo bike!!  

This will be my 6th Ironman of the season, I know, I know.  I know...
But I'm healthy, I'm happy, and mentally I want too.  If you ask me, your mind is usually the first place to go when looking for a clue to "to race or not to race".  The training for an Ironman can literally kick the shiz out of you, leaving you with little or no desire to wake up and do it again, and again.  Burn out, bonking, drudgery, all those things are good signs to reward the body with a break.  And even "happy to race more" minds need a rest too, but I think they let us know when.  You know what I'm talking about.  That said, I am enjoying the miles tremendously.  My Brazilian sister and I got to be the samplers of a new gel flavor with 25 miles left to go, it had caffeine in it, I don't even drink coffee, you better believe it had us flying home.  In fact, it was my first ever long ride, ever, ever, ever, that I wasn't getting hot feet, lazy, or starving at mile 80, like usual.  I'm not sure if the entire day was just that good, that well paced, or that gel did something to me.  But we laughed...all....the way...home.

...and then we thanked our legs.  Maybe because last week she was hit by a drunk driver, (thankfully only resulting in 9 stitches to her chin), we felt more appreciative than ever for the fact our legs were strong enough to ride us through a good chunk of the day. That we are so healthy, that we have awesome support, and we get to do something we love.  And just maybe life is showing me even more to be happy with who I am.

An hour after getting home it was off to Kainoas soccer jamboree.  Last game of the season, the big hurrah, and a party on the fields...where an evening rainbow once again flung across the sky! He told me next up would be flag football.  You better believe I am excited for that, I would love to one day see him grow up big and strong and end up with all the pads and gear on playing football!!  But one day at a time, he can do anything he wants too...

Finally, I leave you with beet balls.  As with all recipes I ever whip up, there is nothing written.  But I know there are some amazing ladies in the kitchen that can just be told the ingredients and make something edible and yummy out of it.  This is what I did.  Cooked beets, oats, peanutbutter, mayple syrup, coconut oil, and nothing else.  Mix.  Roll.  Chill.  Eat.  They sound horrible, I admit.  But I was wanting to eat more beets and somehow this happened and I loved them!  

That's all I got for now, have a good Sunday!
Bree xo

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