Sunday, November 9, 2014


Oh, it is paradise around here.  Sun.  Blue skies.  Ocean.  Good friends.  Farmers market.  Beach.  Plumerias.  Trail runs.  Long rides.  Teaching.  Kainoa.  Soccer practice.  To name a few...

...and then Coach Cotter let me sign up for another Ironman.  Originally the plan was to chill out till January.  Be done with racing for a little bit.  Time out.  Peace out run shoes.  Hike and stuff.  Eat too much, stay up too late, work plenty to save $$ for 2015 triathlon expenses.  I liked the plan, was game for it, and was very content with my 2014 season.  Top 5 in all my Ironmans, a win in Whistler, and 16th fastest girl in the world (still makes me happy) at the World Champs.  I can rest on that.  No need to chase points, finish unfinished business, or get out what I put in. 

...but then I was offered a full time 4th grade position.  Yikes.  Hmm.  Only made sense to consider taking it.  I'm not exactly making ends meet in sport alone.  I asked Coach if I can do one more before I am working 40hrs and training 10hrs  Clearly, without a doubt, I am not ready to hang up my shoes and hand in the pro card.  I dont want to.  It breaks my heart just a little bit more with every thought of that.  But what can a girl do.  Race and work and hope it's enough?  I'm not sure how closely you follow women's triathlon, but the women are not slowing down, in fact they are only getting better and it excites me, all the possibilities.  However, to be at that level you need to put in the time (most all of it) and be able to recover and rest and do it all over again.  Not to mention be a good mom at the same time. I signed up for Ironman Western Australia and will return to OZ.  Over the moon, excited, and very thankful it is all working out to make the trip possible, thanks to some amazing women in the community who have been helping me see the trip through...possible.  

That said, I have been on the treadmill with my little sister (she is training for Honolulu Marathon a week after OZ) at 5am!  In order to make it to class on time we start as soon as the Club opens.  Run, to work, then swim after class.  I have missed just about every single bike ride this week.  Except Saturday. I wanted to cry yesterday during Kainoa's soccer game, I was so exhuasted by the end of the week attempting to do it all 100%.  I wanted a nap.  I wanted food not from a blender or protien shaker cup. To sit and eat a giant meal.  And then I remembered, "I don't need easy, I need possible". 

The beauty of being in class all day also means there is a greater chance for sunset runs.  And so I have found them too.  Of course any girl training for a race in Australia can't help but feel blessed and beautiful.  Its like a dream.  It will be my 4th race in OZ and it still thrills me to know The Land Down Under will once again be a place my feet will land.  People dream their entire life of traveling to far away places, taking it for granted simply seems stupid.  I soak it up, completely let go of insecurities, doubts, fears, and the other things that torment dreams and life.  And run. Just run.  

Speaking of awesome travels.  I've already put one race in place (the rest are all pending based on teaching).  January 18th I've agreed to race Mercury Man.  I am SO EXCITED!  The Cayman Islands are calling my name.  It's a race that the race director holds a massive goal to highlight issues associated with social & gender equalities.  He has a dream of hosting the largest pro womens field to bring more exposure and awareness to the issues.  I couldn't say no.  It's a very early season race after a very long season for me, but I like what he is doing as well as the help he is providing the for me to travel, stay, and eat, even fly my bike!  It's a yes all around...

Hmmm, what else?  Sincerely, maybe purposely, slacking on this blog.  Pehaps not too kind of me, as I recieve a lot of love and support from all over and should be better about updates.  You know how it goes, good days, great ones, and the other.  Just thankful I guess for the opportunities and how I somehow always get out of trouble when I land in this week.  Last night we went car shopping, that broke down too.  Not fun while I was feeling broke down.  But chin up, girl.  Not the end of the world.  And today I felt better...

Exactly a month before Ironman Western Australia.  With my lackluster training hours, minimal rest, but thankfully dollars in the bank from time in the class, I was hoping for a little reminder, "you can do this". Last night I asked coach to jump into this morning's Queen K 20k.  Why not?  He gave me a plan, slower than I liked, but faster than just running a run alone.  I ran, chased, paced, huffed, puffed, felt free, felt alive, and landed some much needed confidence for Dec. 7. My legs work, I'm really healthy, and my motivation & wild passion for sport is still in tact.  

Ok. That's all I have to report on for the moment.  Blessings in disguise.  Have a good Sunday night!

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