Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 2015

And here we go, 2015 is fully underway!  Same resolutions I always have are tucked in my pocket: To just enjoy life as best as I can and do good to those in my life.  Sounds so easy, sadly all over the world many are struggling to smile...or feel happy.  I get it, life is hard, things unexpectedly happen, I cry my fair share too, when I just don't understand. Above all though, happiness and joy exist in the least likely places and really simple moments.  My greatest reminder always takes me to my days in Costa Rica, life in a developing country truly shows you how many pleasures we have and fail to recognize.  And Nicaragua, the night I was walking home and saw the happiest couple I have ever seen in my life smiling just to be alive.  Never, ever will I forget that. And keep reaching for that kind of love.  So, it's a goal yet again to just keep striving for joy in life despite whatever is happening around me.  

I got a second tattoo, too. Felt twelve getting it because my mom was doing her best job of being kind while telling me I'm ridiculous.  I thought being a Bible verse she would at least be a little cool, I mean she loves God more than almost anyone I know.  But somehow I was her kid again coloring on myself on New Years Eve, being ridiculous. Awesome if you ask me.

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love". 

It's my gentle reminder to love when I do not feel like it.  I spent a little too much time last year near the ending of my relationship, not really having nice feelings towards a couple people, surely they didn't care, but I was feeling rotten, mostly because I was letting their opinions matter more than mine own.  And certain life happenings I was not loving either. But at the end of my trials I learned to love them, I guess I'm still learning that when you place your faith in something bigger than yourself it's easier to trust the path...

We spent Christmas in the snow, like most the rest of the world. Funny how the end of a year makes you cling so tight to all that survived or remained in the year alongside you. It was one of the best Christmases I have ever known, to have so much left to celebrate despite so many changes.  From Christmas to New Year was discusting...! Literally every drop of food that looked yummy I ate in an attempt to nail the 7 pounds coach wanted me to put on for recovery, rebuilding, and just a mental break from being super disciplined. My favorite was my friend Becky's rum cake. For not liking rum or cake, it was amazing and easily the best food to pile on pounds.  

We skinny dipped, surfed, took a road trip, and made wishes on stars to welcome the new year.  I Made some sporty goals and set up a few little personal pay off my credit card, no TV, and get back on my feet entirely.  So far so good, I don't like tv anyways and haven't booked a flight to race just yet, as for back on my feet, me and Kainoa are all set in our new little place.  My mom calls it our Cracker Jack palace as if the prize is inside the box.  We like it, tiny, convenient, affordable, but we no longer have our dog or garden and that is gutting me.  One day...


Well, hello 2015 triathlon season! It began with a bang, building some muscles...again.  It hurt.  It was a comedy, and I have a ways to go.  I forgot how much I love routine and having my rhythm in sport back, not to mention the training partners, as so much of what we do in life really is more enjoyable shared.  So here we are, almost 2wks into the year and it feels as if I've already settled into it with an ease and excitement... Keep ya posted.